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Saturday, 8 September 2018


Caller: Hello.
It was a male's voice and I could bet you, his voice was strikingly deep.
Me: Hello?
I was confused. I couldn't remember giving my contact to anybody, talk more of a guy.
Caller: How are you?
I rolled my eyes. Like you care if I'm fine or not.
Me: Sorry, please who's this?
I said instead.
Caller: You don't know who this is?
Me: Did I give you my number?
He laughed over the phone.
Caller: You're so funny. By the way, you have a
very sexy voice.
Me: Could you please go straight to the point why
you called?
I wasn't interested in his compliments.
Caller: Woah, calm down girl. Well, I got your
number from social media and...I really like you.
Me: So you had the time to stalk me? Well, sorry
to burst your bubble, but you wasted your precious
And with that, I cut the call not waiting for him to say a word. Like seriously, you saw my picture on social media and you concluded that you liked me already. Who does that? Oh, yes I know. The foolish guy that I just ended the call with!
It didn't take more than a minute, when I heard my phone ring. I looked at the caller ID and it was the same goober. I didn't pick up. He called again.
Oh shit! I picked up but dropped the phone on my bed. He kept on talking but I was mute throughout, just listening to him speak and definitely wasting his airtime. No, I wasn't wicked. Like I would say, I was being me. Fuck guys and their lies!
"Bastard!" I heard him say over the phone and he cut the call after which.
I sighed. "I never asked you to call." I plopped down on my king-sized bed. I was bored and didn't know what to do. Living in a mansion wasn't fun after all.
"Class settle down." Our class teacher said, who was also our math teacher. We had math this morning and guess what, math was one of my favourite subjects.
We all settled down and quieted ourselves.
"Hey, good morning." Samson whispered to me. We hadn't talked since we arrived to school.

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