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Monday, 10 September 2018


I looked at him and he was smiling at me. You know that very cute smile that got girls drooling, that was the smile. Seriously, he was one very handsome guy but still not my taste. Would I ever have a taste?
I gave him an askew look and I noticed a glimpse of hurt on his face. He took his gaze away from me and faced forward. I could tell he was hurt but I wasn't much of a person who cared if guys were hurt from my treated. So he was no exception. After all, they had hurt me before and also didn't care if I was hurt. Boys could be extremely wicked if they wanted to, you know?
"So today, I'm gonna be throwing some questions at you students." Mr Kelvin's voice got my full attention.
"There's a math quiz coming up, so I wanna prepare you guys for it. I don't know why they didn't announce it in the assembly, probably tomorrow. And only two students from this class are gonna represent the school." When he said this, some students turned to look at me but I pretended not to notice. Trust me, I felt like a math guru when they did that.
"We couldn't pick the ss3 students because they are preparing for their exams– weac." And he concluded.
Some students nodded their heads in approval, like they wanted to even participate in the quiz.
"So shall we begin?"
"Yes sir!" Samson said, which made everyone snap their heads at him, including me.
He cocked an eyebrow, like he was mentally asking why we looked at him that way. Well, we looked at him that way because no one was meant to answer Mr Kelvin's rhetorical question. Guess because he was new, so he had no idea.
Mr Kelvin brought out a big book, which comprises of a lot of questions. "First question, find the smallest integer that satisfies the inequality x plus eight less than four x minus fifteen."
Everyone started solving and it didn't take me more than a minute to be done. I raised my hands proudly and Mr Kelvin smiled at me before saying: "You are definitely one of two students representing us." I smiled proudly at his words.
"So what's your answer miss Philips?"
I stood up boldly and everyone was staring at me.
"X greater than twenty three over three or you could just shorten it to a mixed fraction which is seven whole number two over three." I said confidently.
"Wrong." I heard Samson say, which let out a gasp resonated in the class.
"Bet you have a competition." Ola turned to me from the front seat,wiggling his eyebrows.
"What do you mean wrong?" I was annoyed. "You ain't even the teacher!" I placed my hands in akimbo.
"But you ain't correct." He looked at me and smirked.
I rolled my eyes. "What makes you so sure? Besides, you haven't even calculated yours." I spat. How dare he?
"See Anita, you got the answer to the calculation right–"
"Then what are you sa–"
"I'm not done talking Anita." He said calmly, cutting me off just like I did cut him off. "You got the answer to calculation right, but you didn't get the answer to the question. It says here, find the smallest integer that satisfies the inequality and the answer's eight." He concluded.
"Pfft! Say that to–"
"Correct!" My eyes widened at Mr Kelvin's confirmation. No, it couldn't be. "I'm afraid, Samson's correct."
"Why are you afraid sir?" A guy that despised me and I also despised him said, which made some students burst out in laughter.
I rolled my eyes and abruptly sat down.
The bell rang for break and everyone started strolling out. I wasn't an exception and as always, with my closest buddies, Susan and Ola.
"Girl, Samson's also really intelligent." Susan said out of the blues.
"And hot too." Ola added.
"What's with you and him being hot. Are you gay?" She bluntly asked.
"What if I am, will you defriend me?"
"I'd even do worse."
"Yea, homophobia! Well, I'm not gay."
"Hey Anita." I heard someone call my name from behind me. I turned back and saw Samson walking up to me.
"What do you want now?" I folded my arms around my tits.
"Are we now fighting?" He frowned.
"If you wanna see it that way, so be it." I shrugged.
"Well, let's drop that. So ca...can we talk now?" He scratched the nape of his neck.
"Desperado." I muttered. "Why are you so keen on talking to me by the way?"
He chuckled. "Who in their right senses wouldn't want to be friends with a bright student?" I felt my head explode at what he revealed. So he thought that of me?
"But you're also very smart. So be friends with yourself. Or go hang out with your fellow guys."
He was dazed at my words. "It's cool if you don't wanna be friends with me." He looked so hurt and for the first time in a long time, I felt guilty. "But could you please do me a favour?" His voice came out hoarse but suiting.
I pouted my lips waiting for him to say whatever he had to say.
"Hate you!"
* * * *

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