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Thursday, 20 September 2018


We all snapped our heads at Susan, as she uttered those two words.
"What? He asked for a favor and I presumed that it would be to hate him." She shrugged.
"Really Susan?" I folded my arms around my chest and nodded my head, before facing Samson who was just standing there with a perplexed look on his face.
"Hey!" He seemed to be lost in his thoughts, so I snapped him out of reverie.
He jolted upright and faced me. "Er..." He scratched the nape of his neck. "Sorry, I lost focus. But wait, is it just me or your friend here doesn't like me." He cocked an eyebrow at Susan.
"Oh common! He doesn't even know my name!" She groaned a little loudly. "Look fine boy, I'm Susan and this here," She pointed at Ola. "Is Ola. Get it?" She spat angrily. "That's if you are even interested." She muttered, but I heard her clearly.
"Susan, why are you making a fuss out of him not knowing your name? And yes Samson, she's not a fan of you." I didn't miss the glimpse of hurt that appeared in his face, but he shoved it off immediately.
"So what's the favor you wanted to request me?" I pouted my lips at him, showing off this 'I don't care' attitude.
"Uh...never mind. Excuse me." In a blink of an eye, he was out of sight. And I began to wonder why he left in a haste. Did we scare him away?
"Look at what you've done. Now we didn't get to hear his favor." Ola said rather dumbly, which made both of us roll our eyes and left him standing there like a moron.
*Following day*
"Good day class." Mr Kelvin stood in front of us with an ever gracing smile.
"Good day sir." We said dryly.
"Yes, we already made up our minds on the two students who would be representing the school in the competition." He started to say and this engulfed the class with jazz. "Of course, we all know that one of them is Anita Stephen." He stated confidently and proudly, which let a little pride run through me.
I looked at Tracy who was sitting at the back of the class– she was the bad girl, and all I saw was hatred and envy. She scoffed mockingly and rolled her eyes at me. I faced front to listen to the name of the other student that would also be participating in the competition. Something kept telling me that it would be Samson, but I didn't want to believe that. Not like I was jealous of how smart he was– at least I just got to know. But he was a new student and he couldn't possibly steal some students spot light.
"The other person is...Samson Uche." What? I looked at Samson and he was smirking. Why was he smirking?! I rolled my eyes angrily at him.
I raised my hands to say something and Mr Kelvin gave me the room to air my opinion. "I beg to differ." I said firmly and this erupted murmurs.
"What do you mean, Anita?" The murmurs quenched as Mr Kelvin asked the question. Everyone was looking at me now, perhaps, waiting for a reply.
I glanced at Samson and the look on his face was priceless. He looked devastated, which made me smile in victory. Please, I wasn't a wicked or selfish person. I definitely wanted our school to win the competition. But choosing a new student who we didn't even know his level of intelligence to participate in the competition? No, that wasn't just fair to the other students.
"I mean, we don't know Samson's level of IQ and you just chose to let him participate? What about other students that have been doing so well in their academics?"

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