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Tuesday, 25 September 2018


"Look Anita, I understand your point of view, but we have to avoid every risk." Mr Kelvin reasoned.
"Then why choose a new student?" I placed my hands in akimbo.
"Look sir, sorry to cut you off, but we don't have to press this issue." Samson said with his loud and bold voice, making all attention drawn to him. "If she doesn't want me to compete, I'm fine with it. Not like I can't participate in other competitions." He concluded.
I looked at Mr Kelvin to see his expression or to hear his reply. He seemed a bit convinced.
"No. You are competing together with her and that's final! Not a complaint from any of you." He let out a warning finger and I knew he was damn serious. "And both of you better talk this out during break, 'cause after break, I must get a positive feedback." He concluded.
I sighed in frustration and sat down with an austere look. I perceived that he was staring at me, but I didn't mind one bit. I didn't want to go to the competition with a guy, talk more of a guy I barely knew.
'But you could get to know him during the
process.' My subconscious mind said.
It'd been past five seconds since the bell rang for break but I didn't go out with my friends because I needed to sort things out with this guy– Samson. Funny enough, none of us had made the move to talk. He just kept on glancing at me, whilst I kept a deceptive strict look on my face. Common, I was the girl and I couldn't make the move to talk to him. He had to.
"Erm...can we talk now?" I could hear the nervousness in his tone.
I twirled to him and answered: "Yes. We sure should talk now, 'cause I'm starving." I lied. I didn't like the awkward moment because we were the only ones in the class and I needed to escape from it.
"–" He trailed off. "I really don't know what to say." He scratched the nape of his neck, which I found so cute. And might I add? I liked when guys were nervous or shy with me. It made me feel superior.
"You really shouldn't be lost for words. Not like you wanna woo me or anything." I said rather bluntly. "Let's just discuss the time and place we would be studying, together. " Emphasis laid.
"I'm always free after closing." He quickly said, before sheepishly smiling at me. "If it convenient for you though." He added, nervously.
It wasn't a problem for me if we studied after closing, but I wouldn't entertain late coming or laziness. I was that bookish. "So where would we study?" I asked dryly.
" my house?"
"Seriously! Oh, you think I would be a fool as to study in your abode? Never!" I was boiling in rage. How dare he! Did he think I was those girls that went to guys houses, all alone? Well if he thought that, he was on a long thing.
"Woah. Fierce now?" He furrowed his eyebrows. "I didn't mean it that way. I only suggested that. You could as well decline and suggest yours." He looked a little annoyed.
"Well, I declined already." I shrugged. "So I say at my place?" I suggested.
"No problem." I stood up immediately he accepted. No sooner had I exit the class than he stopped me. "Wait."
I twirled to face him. "What? I already told you that I was starving. I need to go have lunch before break's over."
"I know. Sorry if I'm wasting your time. But I was just thinking that since we are," He paused for a while before continuing. "Since we are...going to be working together, why don't we be friends?" He smiled genuinely, but I returned his smile with an uninterested look.
"Sure." I shrugged and walked out of the class immediately. Guys and their tricky ways of asking a
girl out.
"Hey." Ola beckoned at me immediately I got to the food vendor. They were sitting on a long bench with snacks in their hands. Susan was eating donut with yoghurt, while Ola had a mince pie in his hand. He hadn't started eating it, but was about to.
I got to where they were and instantly, Ola threw a question at me. "How did it go?" He asked.
I smiled at him, before taking my seat with them. "You could at least wait for me to sit. Well, it went just fine."
"Hmm...this one that you're smiling. Did he ask you out?" Ola wiggled his eyebrows at me, teasingly.
I hadn't even realised that I was smiling, not until he said it. And no, he didn't ask me out. I laughed at his question. "Was I smiling?" I asked in between my laughter. "Yeah, of course I was." My laugh subsided. "And no, he didn't ask me out." I stated dryly.
"So what's with the face now? Like you wouldn't agree if he asked you out."
I rolled my eyes at his silliness and faced Susan. She was always quiet when we talked about Samson, probably because she despised him.
"Hey, what's up?" I caught her attention.
"Then why are you silent?"
She squinted her eyes, as if trying to think of something. " Ehen, why don't you want Samson to compete together with you?" She finally had something to say and surprisedly, it had something to do with him.
I sighed exasperatedly. "Can we not talk about this? Not like I don't want him to compete–"
"Are you scared he'd steal your spot light just like he did with ours?" Ola cut me off and that made me mad. Not like I was annoyed that he cut me off, but because he asked a very stupid question.
"Could you please just shut up for some seconds?" I spat at him and his eyes widened a bit. I rolled my eyes and continued what I was saying to Susan.
"As I was saying, not like I don't want him to compete, but there are other students that are as well bright, just like Ola for example and even you. Besides, he's just new, so what makes Mr Kelvin think he's that smart?" I tried explaining my point to her.
"He obviously is way smarter than all of us in that class."
"All of us, which includes me?" I asked in disbelieve.
"Probably." She shrugged. "Don't you see the way he answers questions in class?" She further proved her point.
"Duh, I do too."
"Apparently, not like he does."
"Waheva." I felt defeated.
Shortly, the bell rang for break over and we all scurried to our various classes.

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