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Wednesday, 26 September 2018


The bell was rung for closing, which meant that Samson and I were supposed to meet so we could go to my place. I waited impatiently for him to pack his books into his bag. He actually took like forever.
"Done!" He looked at me with a grin plastered on his handsome face. Did I actually just think that he had a handsome face?
I sighed exasperatedly. "Finally!" I raised my hands in the air. "For a moment, I thought you wanted us to sleep in the school." I rolled my eyes with my arms folded around my tits.
"Us?" He flinched an eyebrow before bursting in a fit of laughter. "Like if I suggested that, you would even think of it talk more of doing it." He smiled as he carried his bag in just one shoulder.
"Are you ready now?" I scanned the class and it was empty, asides from the both of us. "Tracy would probably be waiting for me in the car now." I rolled my eyes before strutting out of the class.
Immediately we'd closed, I'd told Susan and Ola that they should leave already 'cause Samson and I needed to study for the competition we didn't even know when it would occur. But nonetheless, we had to prepare so that we wouldn't be caught unaware.
As soon as I left the class, Samson followed suit. Of course he had to, except he wanted to go his house and study alone.
"What took you so long!" Tracy bawled as soon as I reached the range rover car that would to take us home. Her tone made me slightly angry, but I wouldn't dare shout at her. She was my elder sister, if you'd suddenly forgotten.
"Er, so–"
"And who's this?" She cut me off, eyeing Samson that was standing behind me. I looked at him and I could feel that he was uncomfortable with her stare on him. I needed to save him the trouble so I immediately spoke up.
"Uhm...he is–"
"Save it!" She placed her palm in front of my face, shushing me. I mentally rolled my eyes. "You don't have to introduce the nerd to me, I know him already. So let's get into the car." She hopped in, after which I followed suit and Samson hesitated before entering.
The ride home was a silent one. Tracy sat at the window side so did Samson, making me sit in the middle. Not like I hated it, but it made me feel like I was the foreign one. I looked at my left where Tracy sat, she was busy– busy with her headphone on, probably listening to music. I looked at Samson's side. He looked so uncomfortable, yet he sat comfortably. He was probably still pinching himself from the dream of being in our car. I smiled at my thought. Silly me.
The driver took a u-turn, which meant that we were very close to our estate. Finally, we got to the big gate of our estate. As we drove in, the security men waved at us and I waved back at them. I was obviously their favorite between Tracy and I. But when it came to the family at large, dad was 'cause he always gave them money to compensate their hard work. I wondered why he did so though. Not like it wasn't their work.
Our estate was very large. We had to pass so many buildings before we could get to ours. Mind you, the buildings were very huge and beautiful.
Tracy ran into the house as soon as she got down from the car. I nodded my head at her action. As I was about to enter the apartment, I remembered that I had brought Samson along with me. I halted and turned to look at him. Samson looked wowed with what he was seeing. His mouth was in agog, so was his eyes.

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