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Friday, 28 September 2018


I laughed out loudly, making him jolt a bit before looking at me in embarrassment. I rolled my eyes, then beckoned him to come in.
"Welcome to my humble abode." I said as soon as we stepped our feet into the house.
"Wow!" He exclaimed. "Your house is BEAUTIFUL!" He opened his eyes in 'awe.'
"Thanks." I smiled genuinely. "So what can I offer you?" I dropped my bag on the floor beside me.
"Er...nothing." I knew for a fact that he lied.
I chuckled. "Do you really have to lie? Feel free to order anything. We don't bite." I said in a 'duh' manner.
He chuckled sheepishly. "Uhm...I really am not used to this. So just get me anything you have, I'd be fine." He shrugged.
"Kay-Kay" I hurried to the kitchen and greeted the chef, who was frying turkey. No wonder the house smelt really nice when I got in. Not like it didn't smell nice on a norm, but the aroma of the turkey added to the already pleasant smell.
I took two cans of malt from the freezer, with a pack of chocolate cookie biscuit and placed it on a tray before strolling out of the kitchen to where Samson stood. He looked intimidated by the house but when he saw me walking to him, a smile took over that intimidated look of his.
"Do we study in my room or the library? Which do you prefer?"
"You have a library?!" A confused look graced his face. He sounded so flabbergasted.
"Shocked right? Even I was shocked when my mum told me."
I was in jss1 when mum told Tracy and I that we had a library in the house. She said that she felt it was the right time for us to start studying there, since we had entered secondary school. That was how we knew we had a library in the house.
"So which do you prefer?" I repeated the question.
"The library's preferable."
"Thought you'd say that." I turned to make my way to the library, but I halted to say something. "And help me get my bag on the floor." I said before continuing to make my way to library.
We got in and immediately, I placed the tray on the empty table that we were about to use.
"Your house is really big." I heard him say. It then confirmed my prediction that he wasn't so rich, even though not poor. I didn't say anything.
I sat down and gestured for him to do same. We were now seated, opposite each other with an uncomfortable silence. For the first time, I actually felt awkward with a guy.
I cleared my throat so as to break the choking silence. "Do you wanna eat or we should kick off with studying?"
"Your choice." He shrugged. Did he really have to place everything upon me, just because he was in my house?
I squinted my eyes at him. "You know I could actually just decide that we wouldn't eat at all." I stated matter-of-factly.
"Okay." He sighed in defeat. "Fine, let's eat. I'm really starving."
I nodded my head and smiled. Former!
We finished devouring our snacks and cleaned ourselves, ready to study.
"Should we study arithmetic progression first?" I checked my bag for my maths text book. Besides, why was I the one to start a conversation? I rolled my eyes at my thought but stopped when I didn't find the text book in my bag, after I'd brought out all my books.
"Uhm...I'd be right back. I wanna go get my text book from my room." He nodded in approval as I excused myself. Can't believe I forgot my text

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