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Sunday, 30 September 2018


"Are you guys done fucking?" Tracy's voice resonated in my hear as I closed the door to the library. I looked at her in disgust at her question. Really? Did she think I was that cheap?
"Are you deaf?" She cranked up.
"We haven't even started studying, Tracy." I spat.
"Where is he then?"
"Inside." I pointed at the library door, before storming out of her midst. I couldn't stand her sight further or I'd burst.
It took me nothing less than ten minutes before I could find my text book. Finally! I hurried to the library. I had wasted a lot of time searching for my text book and Samson would probably be angry with me now.
I swung the door to the library open and was shocked with what I saw.
★ ★ ★
Samson's POV
Everything in the house amazed me. From the exterior design to the interior design.
When I got into the apartment, the bright light from the chandelier coupled with the all white painting blinded my eye sight. It was beyond beautiful. It felt like I wasn't even a house but in a castle. Anita's house was magnificent.
We got to the library that was upstairs. It was quite huge. We sat down quietly and began to munch on our lunch. I couldn't believe that I was shy with her. I admired her and all, but shy? That wasn't just me. I'd never been shy with a girl before except I had a crush on her, which was rare for me. Girls and I weren't friends. My goals were just to get good grades in school, go to a university of my choice, get first class and be successful. After which, I could think of marriage. So girls were my last priorities.
We devoured our snacks in silence. When we were done, we cleaned up the desk and ourselves.
I sneaked glances at her, not knowing what to say and also, I couldn't get enough of her beautiful face. She was the most beautiful girl I'd ever seen in my life. Not exaggerating though.
"Should we study arithmetic progression first?" She brought me out of my thought. I looked at her as she checked her bag for something, probably a book.
She wasn't looking at me, so I didn't bother answering. I watched her as she searched for whatever she was searching in her bag. She had a little frown on her face. Seemed like what she was searching for was important.
I wanted to ask what she was looking for but she beat me to it.
"Uhm...I'd be right back. I wanna go get my text book from my room." I nodded in approval as I watched her leave the library and shut the door after her.
She had this very confident way of walking, which I admired. In fact, I admired almost everything of her. Her beauty, her smartness, the way she talked, her personality, just name it.
It'd been two minutes since she left and she wasn't back yet. Wondering how I knew, I had a wrist watch with me. I stood up from my chair and started pacing around the library before I heard the door to the library open and close. I snapped my head to the direction and saw Tracy sashaying to me.
I didn't know what to do, so I stood still.
"Hey pretty boy." She said in a very seductive way, which irritated me. "What are you doing here alone?" She was an inch closer to me now. We were so close that I could feel her hot breath in my neck. I was a little taller than her.
"Er...I...I am waiting for...Anita to return." I stuttered. I didn't stutter because I was afraid of her, I stuttered because I didn't like how close she was to me and I couldn't go back any more, well except I wanted to enter into the book shelf.
She chuckled lightly and bit her lips in a seductive way, making her lips wet and pinker than it was. "You really don't have to be nervous around me. I don't bite." This statement reminded me of Anita, when we were downstairs. "Besides, we are classmates, so we should be free around each other." She sneaked her hands around my shoulders.
My eyes widened at her action. Where are you
Anita? I gulped before I could utter a word. "Uhm...Tracy, could you please take your hands off me?" I tried to get out of her grip but she held me tighter.
"Are you scared that you wouldn't be able to control your libido around me?" He let out a soft laugh. You wish!
I tried to push her away from me, but she kept on holding me tight. I didn't want to go rough on her because she was a girl and most of all, Anita's elder sister.
She started tracing her hand from my chest down to my stomach and then to my chest again. On a norm, one was to be aroused or at least, enjoyed what she was doing but I wasn't in the least way having fun. In lieu, I felt disgusted. Low life bitch!
I struggled harder this time to push her away from me, but it seemed like she was stronger than she looked.
I heard the creaking sound of the doorknob. I tried to release myself from her grip so that anyone that was coming in wouldn't see us in such way, but she did the craziest thing a sober person wouldn't have done. She kissed me.
* * * *
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