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Thursday, 27 September 2018


                                      »»»»»»»»»»-«Kayla’s - Pov «««««««««
Around ten their dad finally came home and they finally had dinner together mainly because he had instructed they wait till he got home while Kayla was all chatty(not that he was replying) Kyle eat gloomily and CJ just went on enjoying his meal.
“So dad how long are you staying you didn’t even tell us you were coming”
“Kayla please can we just eat”
“Hum let me think, no I demand an answer”
“Kayla please just…………”
“No I want to know why you arrived without calling and then you brought this guy with you dad we” she looked at Kyle “Okay I demand an answer”. She replied emphasizing on the I
“Fine I’m leaving tomorrow and that’s why I called this dinner” he began to tap his fork slowly on his wine glass. “Can I have your attention please”? We all turned expectantly except CJ who looked sorry for some odd reason which was weird considering he had been smirking all through our one sided argument.
“I have an announcement that is going to blow your minds, CJ here is the second son of a French multibillionaire his father is a good business partner of mine and well his father and I decided to merge up the two companies and we decide that CJ his son and you Kayla should get married not now of course, after high school”.
I was momentarily stupefied, how could my dad do this to me. Then suddenly I let out a laugh “You are kidding right dad you wouldn’t do that to me”.
He looked pained for a moment but then he replied “No I’m not and Kayla you don’t have a say in this”
“I don’t have a say this is my fruiting live you are talking about, doesn’t my happiness mean more to you than the money you would make, what sort of a dad are you, you are never here do you have any idea how stupid my live has been I finally decided to live a little then you come with this drama, I hate you I really hate you”. I glared daggers at him and him and all he could do was to say.
“Kayla this discussion is over, you are getting engaged to him and it’s not an option do you think he wanted to marry you either, but apparently he knows more about responsibility than you do”.
I breathed in he wasn’t going to make me cry I never cried “I don’t give a shilling dad I’m not doing it if you want to merge the company so bad marry him yourself”.
He groaned and shouted “I didn’t want to have to do this but Kayla if you don’t agree I’m going to make sure that Christi that your friend moving to France never and I mean never gets a job ever”
She gasped how on earth did he find out about Christi leaving “Dad you wouldn’t please……”
“I would it’s your choice Angel”
She sighed disgusted him calling her that was far more disgusting than any swear word, he had lost to right to do so. “Fine I get it but don’t ever call me that again, in fact I don’t ever want to see you again, and don’t you think I’m going to go with this that easily I want a contract drawn up and my rules enforced”. He looked into her eyes nodded unaware that he had lost the little bit of love and respect she had for him and walked away leaving so much tension in the room.
“Well congrats Kay dad found a way to get you a life”. Kyle said kicking the chair and walking away with a smirk that didn’t look mocking but sad and all she could do was stare until he walked away leaving her and CJ alone.
They stayed there quiet for a while then he quietly said “I’m really sorry not about meeting you though I just wish we didn’t have to meet like this”.
She sighed and looked at him it really wasn’t his fault and even if he was so annoying she couldn’t let him take the blame for it, he didn’t stand a chance against his parent and he definitely didn’t stand a chance against her dad.
“Don’t be, we are both the victims here”
“Yeah speak for yourself I had to leave everyone I knew to come here for senior year not that I’m complaining though”
She gasped, her life was already in shambles how could her dad have made him leave his for hers
“I really don’t know how to take this I mean where do we start from we don’t love each other and I can’t live knowing I’m tying myself to someone that doesn’t love me, by the way did you have a girlfriend I should know about”. He just smiled and took her hand in his and rubbed her knuckles softly and she felt blood rush to her face no guy had ever held her like that like she was some doll.
“No, but before I give you a preposition let’s take a walk” she found herself nodding and following him outside god knows if he had asked for something else with the way things were going she might have said yes.
“Okay first of all I think we should just get to know each other as friends first we still have a year before we get married so let’s just try getting used to each other first” he said still holding her hands as they walked past the fountain
She nodded in response removing her hands from his which caused him to smile “Fine, I agree and believe me that is rear”
He chuckled “I get the feeling you don’t take peoples opinion that often”
She smiled sure the guy was a pain in the unmentionable’s but he caught on fast “Okay why don’t we do it like that twenty questions game”
“Isn’t that supposed to be done on the first date?”
Her smile faltered “Are you finding this funny because I am not”
“I’m sorry I just thought that even if this isn’t normal we could try to make it work I mean I already know you think I’m hot”
Her face flamed up “I do not but well okay but I don’t mind doing the twenty questions now”
He nodded and pulled her towards one of the benches in the garden “Okay then go first”
She nodded her head breathe in the sweet smell of the flowers around and began. “Um okay I know your name do you have siblings”
“Yeah three, an elder brother a younger brother and a sister, okay my turn what’s your name”
She laughed they had spent an hour in each other’s company and she hadn’t introduced herself
“My name’s Mckayla Shimar Ross”
He laughed “Shimmer seriously is that even a name?”
She face palmed herself and wrinkled her pert nose and replied “It’s not S-h-i-m-m-e-r, it’s S-h-i-m-a-r and it means God’s Angel”
He smirked “No wonder calling you Angel seemed to roll of easily”
She had calculated how long it would take for the pain to reach his brain if she kneed his groin but then decided that it was too slow for her. “I prefer to be called Kayla”
He just shrugged and replied “Nope not going to call you that Angel is fine with me”
She glanced at him wearily and said “Okay fine I can see this is going nowhere so back to our questions,”
“I still think we shouldn’t do this now it kind of feels weird”
She shook her head “Fine we’ll get to know each other first not to encourage your thoughts on sex but we are going to be stuck with each other for a while so we might as well be friends”
He nodded and smiled “That’s cool, but you know after the show you put on during dinner which was totally called for you are kind of taking this well”
She smiled sadly “What do I have to lose”
He took her hands in his “Everything, well shouldn’t you be running of to cry this out with your best friend”
“Yeah I should right but then………… you’re holding my hands”. She removed it from his for the third time that night stood up and began to walk away, why on earth had she almost told him that she didn’t have any friend’s. She was completely lost in her thoughts as she made her way out of the twilight of the garden into the house and was about entering her room when she heard CJ call out.
“Night Angel see you in my dreams”. She groaned out loud and banged her door as a reply, God must have really thought well about punishing her this bad she was about to get engaged to a cocky, egoistical, lunatical, pea sized brain, Greek god and for some reason she was the least bit worried in fact she felt excited.


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