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Tuesday, 4 September 2018


Melody's POV
I got home feeling exhausted I threw myself on the bed looking up at my cream ceiling, I thought of Jason's dreamy eyes and the way he laughed at me. I heard a knock at the door from downstairs, I heard as the door from downstairs , I thought it was my mom because I was the only at home so I went downstairs and I saw someone who I thought I would never see in a million years it was MY...MY...MY.....DAD.
Four years ago my mom and dad divorced because my mom found out he had been cheating on her and it had been happening even before turned one he had an affair with another woman and they had a son together my name was meant to be Melody James but my mom changed it to her maiden name "Hart"
"What are you doing here" I asked before my dad could open his mouth "Annabelle I just came to say hi" " just came here to say hi after four years? I saw my mom parking her car I saw the surprise look on her face.... Omg this is not going to end well. "What the fuck are you doing here Richard?" "I just came here to say hi" my dad said confidently.
My mom looked for an object to hit my dad, she found a flower pot as she was about to put him in a comma forever a tall and handsome guy came out of my dad's ford explorer, he grabbed the flower pot from my mom's hand "Can we please settle this normally" he said "And who are you?" my mom asked "I'm Freddy James" He said and stretched out his hand to shake my mom but my mom looked away "Can we please enter and talk" I said because I was tired of standing outside.
We sat down and my dad started to talk "I know I did a lot of things in the past but I came here to say I'm sorry for what I've put both of you through" For the first time I actually believed him "But I still don't know why you came all the way from south Africa to America just to say you're sorry I mean you should have called us and apologies? I asked. My dad put his hands on his face and started crying Freddy sighed "It's because mom died 3 weeks because of brain cancer" "I'm really sorry' I Said. "It's okay you don't need to feel sorry we just came here to say hi and tell you that I'm coming to sea ford high next week"
MY mom just looked blank she stood up and went upstairs without a word My dad and Freddy said they were going so they left Then it was just me in the leaving room thinking of what just happened

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