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Tuesday, 25 September 2018


Melody's POV
"Bye Melody I'll see you in school!" Jasmine said as she waved me good bye. She's finally going to start schooling with Jason "See you in school. Bye jasmine" I said as I entered my mom's car I thought this week was going to be the worst week of my life but it was seriously short I wish I could spend more time with jasmine and her younger brother Dennis. I hardly saw Jason come out of his room.
*** Monday (School day) ***
I rushed to by locker to grab my books I was freakin late for History class I guess my time was wrong "Hi Melody why are such in a hurry?" Jasmine asked as she rushed to me
"Sorry I can't talk right now I'm late for history" "What? No you're not it's just 7:30 am and it starts by 8:30am... " she said as she rolled her eyes at me I checked my phone and I saw she was right it was an hour fast "Ooooh...I thought I was late"
I sighed heavily I turned around and I saw Jessica walking up to me I panicked " Look Jessica's coming up to me" I told jasmine " What are you going to do should I insult her or punch her?" jasmine asked as she looked happy she really hated Jessica "no don't even touch her let me do the talking " Her smile died as I said those words
"Fine... but if she does anything stupid i'll hurt her" "Okay that's if it happens" I said smiling at her.
"Betty said you should come to her party this Saturday and don't be late" she said as she handed over the card to me and walked away without another word
I stared at the card in my hand should I come to her party? "My advice to you is to not to come to that bitch's party and Jessica is going to be there so if you don't want to get humiliated just sit your butt down on your bed on Saturday and watch Riverdale" jasmine said and she made me laugh.... I guess she's right
Jessica's POV
I let out a heavy sigh after I had my seat next to Betty in class luckily I was early it wasn't even history yet. "Did you give her the card" Betty asked as she stared at her reflection on a small mirror on her hand. "I did but I don't think she's coming alone"
"What does that mean?" "Do you remember when you gave Jason to invitation cards? Well I think he gave one of them to his twin sister and she's closer to melody"
"She has a possible chance of dating Jason and that's not going to happening not on my watch" she said as she stood up from her seat "wait where are you going" I asked stopping her, she turned around
"I have change of plans" she answered with a devious smile on her face.
Jason's POV
I was in school this morning feeling bored by everything I saw. I was still shocked that melody stayed in my house for almost a week and it felt like two days I didn't really come out of my room because of her.
My thoughts were disrupted by someone who tapped my shoulder I turned around to see the person I was surprised at the same time happy it was Freddy my old time buddy, I haven't seen him since he left for South Africa four years ago.
"Freddy what are you doing here" "I now school here silly" " No I mean why did you come back all the way from south Africa I thought you were living there permanently"
"Nope..My mom died last month so we couldn't take the insult and curses from her family so we left and also melody is my step sister I'm not sure if you know who she is but she's schooling here"
" I'm really sorry about your mom.......wait did you just say melody is your step sister?"

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