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Wednesday, 5 September 2018


Ellen William as Kristen bell
Jasmine William as Zendeya Coleman
Dennis William as Saint West
**** (There are still other amazing characters yet to come... so stay tuned for more) ****
Melody's POV
Yesterday was a really unique day; I saw my father who left me four years ago, I met my step brother who I had never met even after I was born and I found out my step mom died.
"Morning mom" I greeted by mom who was in the kitchen baking cake this early morning "Morning sweetie, aren't you meant to be in school uniform? She asked as she poured sugar into the cake mixing bowl. "Didn't you hear? School is closed for a week due to the fire outbreak that happened in the chemistry lab." "Ooh...then if that's the case I'm travelling to Nigeria for a developmental meeting this evening but I'll be going to the airport this afternoon with some of my colleagues. I need you to babysit one of my colleague's child so you'll be staying at her house till I come back, she has kids your age but she doesn't trust them."
"But mom... can't I stay with dad and Freddy since they now live here?" "No way you can't stay with them my decision is final go and get your things ready". I stormed up the stairs with what mom said before I opened my door room my mom yelled something at me ; "Melody before I forget, if you don't follow me back on Instagram I'm going to seize your phone for a year, in case you don't know my instagram handle it's @Carrie980"!. Mom's statement made me laugh "I'll follow you but just don't post any picture of me." I yelled back.
Jason's POV
"Okay kids I'll be leaving for Nigeria really soon but someone is going to babysit Dennis, she's going to stay here till I come back". "What??? Why can't we take care of Dennis?" My twin sister Jasmine asked "I'm sorry jasmine but I can't trust you two the last time I left you with Dennis you burnt down the kitchen" mom said as she brought out her luggage from a corner. "That was one time, but when is she co..." Before I could complete my sentence I heard the door bell, my mom rushed to the door and opened it. What the hell is Melody doing here!
****Hey peeps, hope you r enjoying it so far? **

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