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Monday, 10 September 2018


Melody’s POV
Why am I here, why is he here, why are they here? I said in my mind as I saw Jason and a woman who I think is his mom. Why didn’t my mom tell me the specific details?
“You’re here, I’m Mrs. Ellen William these are my kids Jasmine and Jason, Dennis is upstairs taking a nap” she directed her hand to the both of them.
Jasmine was the only one that waved at me and Jason just looked like he didn’t want to be here.
“Um… hi Mrs. Ellen nice to meet you” Stupid, stupid me, I was too late for that.
“I’ll see you next week… bye” She shut the door behind her then she went to were my mom had parked her car and entered then my mom drove off.
While watching Jason’s mom leaving Jason had already gone upstairs to his room.
I sat down on the couch and brought out my novel which was “MALIVIO HOTEL” I started reading it since I was done with “MY SUPERHERO LOVE LIFE”.
"Hi I’m Jasmine, Jason’s twin sister” did I hear her right?
There were some rumors of Jason having a twin sister everyone believed it but I never knew it was actually real like in reality real.
“Um… hi I’m Melody but you can call me Mel for short”
“So what do like watching?” She asked as she kept smiling “I love watching Riverdale do you watch it too?
“Yeah I do its better than watching Life of kylie” she rolled her eyes as she said those last words,
She was telling the truth I wonder what Jessica ever saw In that show. I wished they had done a series for Kendall Jenner.
"Are you coming or what" she smiled and I smiled back... I followed her behind as I carried my bag along
I guess this week was not going to be bad after all.
****Hey guys sorry about this short chapter I promise the next one will be better.

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