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Friday, 7 September 2018


She shook her head in disagreement. It wasn't that Jeremy was without his faults, but he had been there for her in a way that no one else, not even her family had been, even if it was for selfish reasons, she admitted ruefully.
"You are just saying that because Jeremy always try to make a pass at me whenever he gets the opportunity. Nothing more."
The gossip wasn't convinced. "Now you admit that he makes passes at you. You used to deny it." Her brows were raised mockingly.
Sara realized the conversation was quickly veering into uncharted territory and decided to end it instantly.
"Whatever happened back then only helped to foster better working relations between him and I. I guess that's why I understand him better than anyone else in this place."
She glanced at the office again and saw Jeremy pointing his fists at Old man Benson. He was very angry and Sara shuddered at the thought of something going wrong suddenly. Benson senior was hypertensive.
Suddenly, the door opened and Jeremy marched out with a file in his hands, as though he had just walked out of a war zone unscathed, but it wasn't until he called her name to follow him did she agree that he was.
Quickly, she scrambled up from her seat after picking her joting materials to find Katie give her a knowing look as though to say ' he likes you' but she brushed it off and proceeded to walk in determined strides towards Jeremy's office in the sixth floor.
For reasons only the Bensons knew, Old man Benson bought the sixth floor so that Jeremy could run the company with modernized trends with the jet age generational clients, while he focused on satisfying the older generation with archaic trends, keeping Valiant one of the best in the city of Lagos. But also one of the poorest as Old man Benson was no longer a member of the elites of the city and hence lacked important patronage.
Sara, who couldn't wait for the ever busy elevator, decided to use the stairs. Besides, the fitness coach on television said it was healthy. Taking the steps slowly in order not to trip on her heeled shoes, she let her mind wander to when she moved from a mere employee to being Jeremy's right hand man, well, right-hand woman.
She was still learning the ropes of interior designing at Valiant, using it as her anchor to get a grip on reality when he came into her life. She was a hermit crab stuck in her shell, barely trusting herself and the decisions she made after her hasty divorce two years earlier. She still lived in her family house that was one of her divorce settlements and was growing awfully tired of watching her family spend so carelessly still hoping she would meet another billionaire to marry. Being put on the platform of providing for them since she got married forced her to go look for a job in order to support their finances.
Old man Benson had been like a father figure to her, teaching and training her on the systematics of interior design and customer management. She had a slight idea prior but she had been so wealthy while married she hadn't bothered to put it into practice.
It was perhaps after six months of her starting work that Old man Benson told her of Jeremy returning from America to help out in the business. At first, their relationship had been cordial, with Jeremy barely noticing she even existed. Then suddenly he started letting her work directly for him and then the attraction on his part became evident. It was after a year of working together did he realize how unhappy she was living in her family house. It had been the company's end of year party and she had been too drunk to realize she spilled her situation to him. He was very understanding, even became like a big brother, encouraging her to disentangle herself from the toxic atmosphere that was her family. Finally, four months later, she found a two bedroom apartment in the outskirts of Lekki that was quite moderate in cost. Her family had opposed the idea, stating it was unnecessary and a waste of money but Jeremy had pushed her until she held her ground and moved out.

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