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Tuesday, 25 September 2018


But letting Jeremy into her life hadn't been all rosy. Once she moved into her apartment, Jeremy had latched onto the fact that he was always there to start up a relationship with her, and fearing another situation like that of her divorce, she had turned him down instantly. He didn't take her rejection well, using every slight opportunity to humiliate her at work. It had gotten to the point where she thought she would quit but was pulled back at the last minute.
A married woman had shown up at Valiant claiming Jeremy was her lover and the father of the child she was expecting. With her was her angry husband who looked ready to murder just about anyone. Although Jeremy had flirted with the woman, Sara could sense she was trying to pin the baby on him. Old man Benson wasn't around that day and despite their differences, doted on his only son and child very much. Seeing Jeremy cowering under his desk, she had stepped up and refuted the woman's claims as false. She insisted Jeremy was her fiancé and was never in a relationship with the woman, managing quite successfully to extricate Jeremy from the sticky situation. The poor woman and her husband had walked out the office dejected.
After that incident, she and Jeremy had reached a non-verbal agreement to remain very good friends even till today, such that she is now his confidant even if their friendliness was the topic for everyday office gossip.
She reached his door minutes later and knocked once. Not hearing a sound, she pushed it open and walked in. Jeremy was staring out of his glass wall, hands in his navy blue suit pocket, deep in thought.
She went to sit in one of the leather upholstery chairs facing his desk. Pulling out the writing pad she held, she waited for his instructions.
He turned to look at her and smiled sadly. He was tall, dark-skinned and muscular with high cheekbones, a deep set jaw and sharp piercing gaze that helped him critically evaluate potentials before they became evident to others. The be and end of it all defined an ambitious man who shunned scruples if need be.
"My father is just being a stubborn mule. Can you believe it?" He asked rhetorically with a snort. "Because I decided to use a more holistic approach to the project, he now believes I have ruined the company. Tell me why I would do that? This company also belongs to me!" He cried indignantly.
She eyed him critically. "Why would he think like that? Perhaps you should have had a detailed discussion with him about your plans before you actually carried them out."
He glared at her for even thinking he was too rash in his decision. "It wouldn't have mattered anyway. He's too old-fashioned. He would not have agreed and time was not on my side."
She nodded, bracing herself to hear the reason for the fight this morning. "Did it work?"
He shook his head slowly, chuckling to himself. "How would it when my father had already sabotaged the contract? He had paid off the Furniture Company and Thermocool electronics Lekki branch to be the major suppliers. I called the client last night to renegotiate and he thought I was trying to swindle him! Then he got angry and cancelled the whole contract. And father had to blame it all on me!" he stated, moving to come perch on his desk, facing her. He was fuming, almost boiling with rage, she appraised.
After some minutes, he spoke up, his anger dissipating. "I need your help, Sara. I have plans, contacts and contracts necessary to steer this company back to its former glory. I just need one loyal person, and unfortunately I don't have so many options."
Sara looked everywhere but at him, wishing at that moment that she wasn't his right-hand man. It was like betraying Old man Benson who had always been her pillar for the past three years. But Jeremy said it was for the greater good of the company and she chose to believe she was doing her part to help.
"What can I do?" She heard herself ask despite her misgivings.
He let out a breath of relief. Then sat up immediately and walked back to go sit in his swivel chair.
Grabbing a green file on top of his desk, he threw it on the desk in front of her, saying, "Look at that."
Accepting the file, she opened it to glance through. Looking up with a bulge of her eyes, she quizzed. "Are you serious?"
He nodded. "Yes, I am."
"A friend of mine, Donald, helped me get this contract. It's a huge deal and we are going to be in charge of decorating it. Just the two of us. Imagine the money and the contacts a very good job will fetch us, Sara." He was grinning now, the scowl long gone.
She flipped through the file again to pause at the first picture showing the front view of the house. "The house is huge! How did we get this lucky?" She questioned, smiling too.
"Technically, it's a mansion and we did get lucky. If Donald had not remembered me being in this business, any one of those sharks in the interior decorations industry would have this contract right now. Donald really gave us our big break. And it's greater heights from here on out."
She read through the pages in detail, noting the characteristics of the mansion. She calculated how much material it will need, crosschecking it with the square foot of the various rooms it contained and multiplying it with how much it would cost. She gave a low whistle when she was done, looking at him in incredulity. "That's a lot of money!" She cried.
He laughed at her reaction, nodding his head. "Trust me, I know. Now, enough of the talking. Let's get to work." Then he was standing up from his swivel chair while making a grab for his jacket.
She was confused. "Wait, what?"
He was already striding out of the door as he explained. "The client will be moving in on Friday. We need to go assess the place so we can start putting up ideas immediately. Technically, we only have three days to get everything ready seeing that we have already wasted half of today."
He turned to notice the horror etched on her face and grinned, before turning away. "Move it, Miss Amadi. You're about to get really rich!"

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