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Thursday, 27 September 2018


Sara eyed the house with awe, wondering how much it cost. There was a time in her life when she could afford this type of place without worry, technically it wasn't her money but still she could. Sadly, that was a long time ago and she doubted she would ever get to that point ever again. Still in astonishment, she strolled around admiring the house.
It was a three decker mansion which consisted of three living rooms, seven bedrooms and numerous other rooms for different purposes. There were four bedrooms, the masters bedroom and a mini living room on the first floor. Two bedrooms, a library, an office space that she was told was the owner's study, a music room and a room she was informed would be a playroom made up the second floor. The ground floor contained a massive living area, a dining area, a massive kitchen with pantry and the servants' quarters a few meters from the kitchen. A spiral staircase led from the ground floor to branch separately into each floor on the left side of the house. The lightning had been done and so was the beige and cream color pattern that made up the painting of the walls.
Their job specifically was to decorate the dining area, the music room, the library, the playroom and the six king-sized rooms, with the exception of the masters' bedroom and his study. From what she was told, the new owner was quite touchy with his things.
Now, she was standing in the massive living area on the ground floor, which was twice that on the other floors, while staring up at the huge chandelier hanging off the ceiling in the middle of the room. Apparently, the owner had hired someone else to decorate it earlier on.
"You should really learn to not stare with your mouth open, Sara. Flies can find their way into your mouth," Jeremy remarked, coming to stand beside her.
She eyed him and smiled at the thought. "I know, but you should appreciate luxury when you see it. And this is luxury," she pointed out, still amazed.
"Yeah, you're right. This is luxury," Jeremy concurred with a loud sigh, deep in thought. Together, they stood there admiring the apartment. If he knew she was used to this kind of lifestyle before, he might have asked her a question or two, so she was glad they never delved into her past in details. She hated being referred to as his ex-wife. It made her seem like she was with him for the money.
"Who owns this place again? And I still can't believe we managed to secure this deal in so short time," she asked walking towards what should be the kitchen area. Jeremy followed suit quickly.
"It's Mr. Donald's contact. He doesn't want to disclose the owner claiming he's pretty rich and doesn't like publicity much but who cares about the owner. The important thing here is that we got this deal, Sara."
She nodded, already visualizing how the place would turn out.
"Isn't it weird though, that this client didn't chose a theme for the place? It's easier for us if we know what they like," she pointed out, moving towards the stairs. Jeremy again was behind her.
"It's a last minute decision. Mr. Donald mentioned something about the client moving to Lagos for a short while because of company matters. The client however has a 5 year old son and we are to put that in mind while decorating."
Sara frowned while opening the door to one of the rooms. "A son? Is he married?"
Jeremy shrugged, moving past her into the room that was obviously to be the playroom. "How should I know? Mr. Donald didn't disclose that info, only mentioned the son 'cause well you know..." he trailed off, looking around.
She nodded. "Yeah, I do."
"When will the movers get here? We only have 3 days, Jeremy," she asked, looking at the catalog she held.

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