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Saturday, 29 September 2018


"This afternoon. They already called me to let me know that they are on their way." Jeremy informed her. "Don't worry, Sara, we would finish this job in record time," he added to reassure her.
She pursed her lips. "I can't help it. We are doomed for if we lose one more clientele, Jeremy, and you know it."
"And that's why we won't. Trust me, Sara. I can steer this company back to its former glory. I only wish my father wasn't so stubborn," he muttered the last part in disgust.
Lucas Caspian-Asiegbu stared at the sleeping bundle next to him at the back seat of the car and smiled. Finally exhaustion had wearied him out, he concluded bending to pull up the blanket covering his five year old hyper-active son, Freddie. The little boy had chatted all the way today, from when they entered the plane in Abuja till they got down, then had lunch at an expensive restaurant and boarded the Range Rover Jeep taking them to their new house in Lekki.
Lucas wasn't thrilled about coming back to this city, Lagos. If anything he loathed it here. All the worst mistakes of his adult life were made here. There were things, people, places here that reminded him too much of what had gone on in the past five years of his life. If he could, he would very much not liked to be back here at all but duty called. His cousin, Martin Oforah had decided to move down to Port Harcourt to deal with some family issues, leaving his assistant in charge of the billion dollars company. A few oversights, a few careless decision and he had been pulled back into the company to oversee its functions at the beginning of the year.
His father, Eric, hadn't been too happy he had neglected the company-their family business-because of marital problems he had inadvertently brought upon himself and told him so severally. But his heart had taken the worst hit at their divorce and he had consequently shut himself out from reality to not deal with the pain.
He wasn't sure he would have survived if his son had not been with him. Freddie had been his lifeline, pulling him back into reality. He had welcomed that bundle of joy with open arms, choosing to shield the boy from realizing his mother didn't fight for him. Truth was that he wasn't sure he was ever going to forgive her for giving up on their son that easily. Truthfully, he doubted there would ever be a chance where he would be put up on that spotlight.
Lucas watched keenly as the driver took a left turn into the prestigious Victoria Garden City, a suburb in the heart of Lekki in Lagos. Houses here cost a fortune, and since he hadn't planned on staying long had bought a house on lease for five years. He didn't know what possessed him to agree to that but somehow, he wanted Freddie to enjoy his childhood days here like he had. Despite his failed marriage, he made some of the best memories of his life here in this city.
Soon enough, the car pulled into a quiet street with rarely anyone about. The rich always lived like that, keeping to themselves and their gold and silver. In the slums where he and Martin had gone to visit friends, everyone was talking at every minute of the day. People rarely kept to themselves, butting their noses heavily into other people's problems, even between family feuds.
When he remembered ruefully that one of those friends had been his ex-wife, his mood turned sour. The last thing he wanted was to remember her. The faith she didn't have, the trust she broke easily, or the easy way she had given up on them, rarely fighting for their marriage irked him to no end. He hated himself for betraying them, yes, but he hated her more for her lack of loyalty.
The jeep pulled into the three decker mansion that was his house and stopped at the long cobbled driveway. An employee at his company, Donald Donalds, had sent him a picture of the house last week, promising to have it decorated to suit his taste in that short space of time despite his misgivings. But Donald was an opportunist so he had relented finally, choosing to remain anonymous. People tend to act differently once anything relating to wealth concerned him. His ex-in-laws had barely hid it with their extravagant lifestyles.
Turning to step out of the car that Ben his driver had opened, he climbed out and marched inside the house, taking a cursory glance round the house. He was impressed with what he saw. The house seemed to have a home appeal to it. Whoever had decorated it certainly valued the feel of family, and now that he had seen the house, he had half a mind to stay very long in this city despite his initial plan.
Deep in thought, he walked back to the car to find that his curly-haired son had already woken up and was peering out from the car in confusion.
"Daddy, are we there yet?" called Freddie, climbing out from the car. Lucas looked fondly at him and smiled, loving the fact that they had the same pair of hazel brown eyes. Reaching out, he scooped his son up in his arms and turned back towards the house.
"Yes, Freddie. We're here now. We're home," he replied marching inside.
I've introduced our other main character. He's the billionaire in our story and he's back in town with his son!

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