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Sunday, 30 September 2018


I t had been a year and a few months since Nnenne got to Lagos, she couldn't visit her mum often, because she didn't have enough money, but she kept in touch through calls. She spent most holidays with Adaeze who showed her around Lagos, with her mother's warnings ringing in her ear on a daily basis, Nnenne made sure to tread carefully.
Early one morning, Nnenne was relaxed on her bed wearing a tiny purple suede short and a loose short sleeved top—which she folded. She was studying. All night and morning long, she had not seen Adaeze, but now she flung open the door and entered with her usual swagger.
Nnenne looked up and watched her walk in. Her makeup and clothes were scruffy. The wig that laid on top of her weaved hair was scruffy too. She reeked of alcohol and cigarettes.
All that mess and still she was wearing a big grin on her face.
"What are you doing?" She asked
"Studying" Nnenne said
"Finals start tomorrow. Have you forgotten?" Nnenne reminded.
Adaeze looked at her emotionless, as if she were going through a pile of notes in her mind. Finally, she said "Oh, that's true. Well, I'm sure it's not really something that needs too much studying. I'm positive I'd do well without studying"
"And how's that?" Nnenne asked.
She was taking off her shoes. She stammered a bit, then said,
"Well, the lecturer and I have history—so he'd sort it out"
Nnenne looked at her with what seemed to be a mixture of surprise and pity.
"Rapu okwu a! —leave that matter" She laughed and continued
"Better read and stop deceiving yourself"
"What if you wake up one day and he has been posted to another school, or better still, what if your so called history with him is exposed and he looses his job. What would you do then?"
"Remember the scripture says " hope deferred makes the heart sick ". And because your hope is on the negative side, it could lead you to your early grave out of shock" she said, sardonically.
Adaeze was left speechless, and thought to herself
e fit be true ohh . She shook her head, confidently and thought again taaah! E no fit happen.
She waved her hand at Nnenne as if to brush the advice off. As she did, she took off her gown, wrapped her towel
"You don finish?" She hissed and continued
"Abeg, I've had a long night. I don't have strength to listen to you"
"As for studying" she said, in a mixture of proper English and pidgin, as she picked up her bathing bucket and bowl.
"E really no be problem. I go manage. See you in a few minutes, make I go baff."
Her voice dragged off and moments later the door closed behind her. Nnenne shook her head and continued reading.
FEW MINUTES LATER , Adaeze walked into the room with her towel wrapped around her chest and her bucket and soap dish in one hand, which she placed neatly in her corner.
"All these lectures are just spoiling enjoyment for me" Adaeze said as she applied cream on her body.
"Imagine, I came back only to bathe and leave again!"
Nnenne smiled and shook her head. She always found Adaeze's remarks and whining amusing.
"But on a serious note," Adaeze said "I can't help looking forward to the weekend. Nothing feels as good as riding—" she winked at Nnenne, shaking her butt before continuing "the remarkable men I would come in contact with"
Nnenne rolled her eyes and remarked,
"Hmmm! Oh!"
"Everyone is momentous to you, Ada, both the ones you've encountered and the ones you're yet to encounter."
"I'm just using them to pass time, I do have my eyes on someone." Adaeze said, with a sly smile
"So you have someone and you're doing all these?" Nnenne asked, blinking.
" Oya , let me ask you. With what you're doing to yourself, what gives you so much confidence that you'd live to have the guy you really want."
"Abi you no dey fear all these diseases?"
Nnenne paused, staring searchingly at Adaeze, bewildered. She continued
"And even if you don't fall victim of these diseases, what makes you so sure he'd respect you after you've slept with every Tom, Dick and Harry with pipes between their legs" Nnenne protested
"Aunty holy holy! Leave am for me biko , na your body?" She asked, objectively. Her expression remained unfazed
" I wena iwe —don't be angry"
"Na only person wey love you go advice you. Just remember the Bible says there's a way that seems right unto a man but the end thereof is destruction" she explained
"Thank you. Keep your sermon to yourself" she said indifferently as she walked away
Nnenne watched her leave. She took a deep breath and thought to herself " Chineke m nwatakịrị a
chọrọ nnapụta —my God this girl needs
"Father help me oh, to stand strong on my faith" she prayed, shaking her head.

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