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Saturday, 1 September 2018


"Why?" She frowned at my question.
"I mean, you have other friends that you could visit, so why me?"
She rolled her eyes seductively. "Samson, you sometimes act like a child. Don't you know you're my crush and I love to see your face and be with you every passing minute?" She wasn't even ashamed to say it to my face. Well, she had told me this before, so I wasn't surprised.
"Look Zainab, I don't have time for all these. I already told you, I would never date you. You are only a friend, well except you wanna lose that friendship with this your act." I stated seriously.
"Really? You would give me up because I have a crush on you? You should even be grateful that a very beautiful girl like me has a crush on you! I mean, I don't crush on just anybody anyhow." She was on it again. She always said these whenever I told her I didn't want to date her. She flared up always. And she wouldn't talk to me for like days, after which, she would come apologising for flaring up.
"Zainab, if you don't mind, please leave my abode. You are disturbing my tranquility." I said dryly, not in the mood for her rubbish.
She threw daggers before abruptly standing up and stormed out of my house. That's more like it. I really did not care if she was angry with me or not. Not like she was my close friend anyways.
I sighed exasperatedly before going back to my revision.
† † †
Anita's POV
I heard the person cussed as we bumped into each other. "Fuck! Are you blind?!" It was a female's voice and it sounded exactly like Tracy's.
I looked at the person's face and I saw an angry looking Tracy throwing daggers at me. "Tracy, it'"
"Oh hell yes it is!" She bawled.
I opened my mouth to say something but words deprived itself from coming out.
"What do you have to say brat?!" I didn't like the way she was talking to me. I mean, I was her younger sister so why was she talking to me in such manner. She does it a lot in the house, but in school? That wasn't just right.
"Tracy, look–"
She placed her hand in front of my face shushing me. "I don't have time to hear your gibberish, so just shut up. Fool!" She hissed before walking out of my midst.
I stayed mute, imbibing the embarrassment she poured upon me. Ola walked up to me and placed his hand gently on my shoulder. For a split moment, I'd forgotten that they were even with me. "Anita." She said calmly.
"But she's my elder sister." I said faintly. I felt my eyes welled up in tears.
"We know." Susan walked up to me. "We know Anita. But come to think of it, why does she hate you this much?" She folded her arms around her chest, with a perplexed look on her face.
"I really do not know." I sighed lightly. I blinked my eyes to stop the tears from dropping.
"You would have to seat her down and talk this out. I mean, she can't hate you till eternity. You guys are sisters."
"I solidly agree with Susan. You guys have to stop this hatred." Ola added.
"Point of correction, I don't hate her. She's the one that hates me." I paused before uttering another word. "And thanks guys. You both are the best." I pulled both of them for a heartwarming embrace.
"We love you too." I heard Ola say.
We released ourselves. After which, we heard the bell rang and a voice from the school's speaker told us to return to class immediately.
"Dang it! We didn't even get to eat lunch."
We ran back to the class with an empty stomach.
Closing time came. I packed my books immediately in my bag and proceeded out of the class in a haste. I was one of the few students to leave the class. I half ran to the exit door of the school, when I heard a voice screaming my name which made me halt and twirled around to see who was screaming my name.
I rolled my eyes immediately I sighted Samson running to me. "What does he want now?" I muttered.
"Hey Ruby!" He said with his tired voice. He was panting. This was the second time in a day I made him pant.
"What?" I asked dryly.
"Sorry if I'm disturbing you, but we said to see later today." He looked at me straight in the eyes and I was also doing same. His eyes were just perfect, not bulgy, not slim. He had a shade of blue in his iris. He also had long eyelashes.
"I er...look Samson, I don't have time to talk now. I have to hurry home." I said in a rush.
I turned back and left. I couldn't possibly speak with me today. I was damn starving.
'Sorry Samson.' I thought.
* * * *

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