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Tuesday, 4 September 2018


We finished having our dinner and dad wasn't back yet. We all took our plates to the kitchen and washed it at the same time, no one was allowed to leave their plates in the washing basin after eating. It was a routine mummy impelled on us to do in the family, including daddy. It was not that bad because it made the house chores easier and faster to do.
After I had washed my plate and kept it properly in the shelf, I ran upstairs to my room to get my phone to chat on social media.
Immediately I sat on my bed, I heard the door open and close. I turned to see who just entered the room. It was Rachel.
" Ehen Ruby, why didn't you tell mum you weren't promoted?" She asked, without looking at me. She walked to her bed, ready for a conversation.
"Rachel, I'm not ready to gist now. Maybe tomorrow." I raised my phone to my face, unlocking the password.
"Ruby, that can wait, let's gist first. You would turn on your hotspot for me oh ." It almost sounded like a warning.
"You must be kidding me. When I told you to turn yours on that time, did you?"
" Ahah , please now. That time it was because I needed to use my data for something very very important that was why."
"Well, I also want to use mine for something more important than you used yours for." I retorted, with a funny face.
"Lol, don't be ridiculous. Please joor." She said, feigning a puppy face.
"Haha, this girl. Okay, so why did you lie to mom?" Her face turned suddenly so serious.
"I just couldn't. I am ashamed to tell her. Why did I fail sef ?" I threw at her a rhetorical question.
"Well, maybe because I told you to study really hard for the exam, but you didn't listen. Instead, you were busy chatting on phone with your friends that are also foolish as to reply to your messages rather than reading! She replied to my rhetorical question, but in a very angry tone.
"I read!" I countered.
"Well, I guess you didn't read hard enough!" She retorted angrily.
"Why are you getting all angry now? I failed. Yes, I failed and I accept my fate. But I'm definitely not repeating the class."
She sighed. "What are you gonna do now?" She asked.
"I don't know, Rachel. I really don't know. I would have to tell mum. But my main problem now is dad. How would he react to it?"
"This is serious oh, really serious."
The room suddenly became silent. We both didn't utter a word, we were just staring blandly at the floor, in thought, probably thinking of the same thing. Snapping out of my reverie, I sneaked glances at her to see if she was still thinking and yeah, she still was. She looked so buried in her thought.
I snapped my fingers at her. "Back to earth!"
She jolted and blinked her eyes like a doll.
"Jeez! What were you thinking?" I asked.
"Nothing." She said, thinking of what to say next. "Should I send you wattpad?" She had been disturbing me about the app but I just wasn't interested.
"Not now."
"Why? It's cool. You get to read interesting stories. Just try it once and I promise you'd enjoy it. You could start with "Sin of the past" by sweetdreamer33 or "Chasing red" by Isabellaronin. Those books are cool. I've told you about those books before."

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