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Wednesday, 5 September 2018


"Oh okay. You can send it." I said nonchalantly.
"Yipee!!" She jumped up and down happily, clapping her hands too. She bounced on my bed immediately and sat next to me.
"Bring your phone now."
"Oh, wait let me unlock my phone first." I unlocked it, not letting her see what my password was. "Take." I handed her the phone.
After she had sent it, she turned on my data connection and also my hotspot. She turned on her WiFi immediately to get connected with mine.
"Give me my phone." I said, reaching for my phone.
"Wait." She took the phone farther so I wouldn't be able to reach it. "I wanna open the app and do all necessary things for you."
"Okay." She did everything she had to do and returned my phone to me.
"I downloaded all of sweetdreamer33 book and " Chasing red" by Isabellaronin. I followed them too. I also downloaded my novel, it's on your library. The title is "Second chance" and you are following me." She told me.
"Why? Did I tell you to follow yourself with my phone?" I asked immaturely.
"Haha, stop being so immature. Read my story
sha . I promise, you'd enjoy this wattpad. You could as well write." She smirked, knowing full well that I couldn't write. She was probably teasing me.
"Enjoy ko , enjoy ni . And don't dream of it because I would never write."
"Don't worry. I was in your shoes too. I used to think I couldn't write. But when I gave it a trial, it came off well." She stood up from my bed and walked to hers. Immediately she sat on her bed, she raised her phone to her face. "I have followed you back."
So quick. It seems she loved wattpad a lot.
"So you have just one follower now. Haha, don't worry, more would come." She chuckled. After a while, she burst into laughter.
"So you are mocking me?"
"No oh ." She kept on laughing.
"I would delete the app now." I threatened, knowing full well that if I deleted the app, she would not be happy with me. Her main reason for sending the app to me was just for me to read her book.
"Oya sorry." She closed her mouth to stop herself from laughing. Finally, she stopped laughing. "Would you start reading now or you would wait until later?"
"Read ko , read ni . Abeg , I wan chat. So later things."
"Ah, finally." I sighed.
I finally took my phone, sat down properly on my bed, so I can be very comfortable while chatting.
* * * *
It was 7:00am in the morning when dad came to wake us up for morning devotion.
"Good morning sir." Rachel and I greeted him while we were finding it hard to get up from the bed.
"How are you girls doing?" Daddy asked, with his very deep and loud voice which made us fully awake.
"We are fine Sir." We chorused.
"Come down to the living room for devotion now. Ruby, you are leading us in the praise and worship." He said, with his authoritative voice and left our room immediately. Did I mention I was a very good singer? I was a chorister in the teens Church. I was a versatile singer. I could sing any genre of gospel music, be it rock, soft or of any sort.

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