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Thursday, 6 September 2018


I quickly went to the bathroom to wash my face and rushed down to the living room. I couldn't brush my teeth because I knew that if I did, I was going to waste time before I got downstairs.
We were all seated in the living room. Richard was still trying to fight his sleep, so was Rachel. Whilst my dad, mum and I were fully awake.
"Let all rise up and pray." Dad ordered, with his strong voice.
"Heavenly Father, we come this morning..." He started off but my mind drifted to something else. To school and the fact that I failed. I hated prayers, so I wanted to leave until they were done.
"In Jesus most mighty name we've prayed." Dad finally closed up his prayer.
"Amen!" My voice was the loudest amongst all, even though my mind wasn't there throughout the prayer session.
"Ruby, take over." Dad said.
I cleared my throat before starting so as to avoid any crack in my voice.
You are worthy t..o be praised. My voice cracked. I guess it was because it was morning. I stopped to start all over but this time, it sounded better. Everyone sang along.
When we were done with the morning devotion, daddy sat us down and asked me of my result.
Everywhere suddenly turned silent that I could even hear the breeze emanating from outside the house through the window. I was nervous. I didn't know what he was going to do to me if I told him the truth.
I looked at Rachel to help me out of the situation. I always did that when I was in a state of anxiety. But she gave me this look that reads 'You are on your own in this'. I felt dejected. I didn't know who to look upon again, not like I ever looked upon Rachel anyways. But she was always there for me whenever I needed her help.
I can't keep on telling lies. I have to let the cat out of bag even though it means for them to beat
the hell out of me. You can do this Ruby. One,
two, ready go!
"She said they would announce it on Monday." I was cut off by mum.
After some seconds had passed, another voice came from another direction saying, "No, she failed."
I swear, I knew I stopped breathing for a while. I slowly turned to the direction where I heard the voice from. It didn't sound feminine, it sounded masculine. So I was sure it was Richard because there was no other guy there except from him.
"The results were announced yesterday and she was among those that failed." Richard confirmed his statement. I was shocked as to how Richard knew about me failing. I gave Rachel a stern look and she returned the look that reads 'Don't stare at me like that, I did nothing. I am as shocked as you are'.
"Is that true, Ruby?" Mum and dad asked, with their voice raised to octave.
My heart was beating faster than usual. I felt my world crumbling down.
"I would ask you again, is it true?!" Dad voice was so scary that I jolted from where I was seating. I wanted to cry already by just hearing it.
I sighed. "Yeah...I failed." I dropped the bombshell.
* * * *

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