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Saturday, 8 September 2018


I bowed my head after confessing that I had failed and the silence that preceded it was killing.
After minutes of an engulfing silence, I decided to look at my parents who didn't say anything after what they'd just heard. Not to my surprise, they were staring back at me with their murderous eyes.
I thought of what to say or do at the awkward moment. And all I could think of was nothing. To tone down the tension that was already building in the room, I decided to say something. Anything.
"Mum, dad, i ca—"
"Shut up!" Mum bawled. "You lied to me Ruby. Despite the fact I am your mother who you should tell almost everything to. But instead, you felt I wasn't worth hearing the truth. You think I'm a fool?" She sounded hurt and annoyed.
"Mum, I can ex—"
"Don't you dare!" Mum yelled, her index finger pointing at me, which sent a cold shiver of fear run through me. "Not another word from you!"
"Enough of all this!" Dad said, with his commanding voice. "Where is your result? Bring it to me, I want to see it now." His voice was so commanding that even the head of police could obey to him.
"Dad, the results were only announced to us and not given to us." I said nervously.
"What kind of school is that? We are going to that your school on Monday whether it would take me to skip work for that day. So be it."
About my dad, he was a very caring and gentle man. He hated it when the family was disorientated.
You know, as the bread winner of the home, he made sure to put things in place to make ends meet. He was also a disciplinarian. He didn't entertain ill mannered behaviour from any of us. He was quite a responsible father and I loved him a lot.
The day played out not so well. Mum treated me like I did not exist in her life. She didn't spare me a glance, not to talk of speaking to me throughout the whole day.
I felt disowned by my mum.
On the other hand, dad welcomed me whenever I wanted to say or ask him anything. Despite the fact he was angry with me, he didn't let it reflect in the treatment he was giving me. Having to be a man and not just any man but a busy one, he couldn't stay the whole day talking to me. He had other important things to do. So i was left to be on my own, just fiddling with my phone.
Thank goodness phones existed in this world because if it didn't, I would have slept throughout the whole day.
It was 7:36pm in the evening when mum called us to come have our dinner. I was reluctant at first but when mum came herself to call me, i went.
I apologized to her and she forgave me quickly.
After we had our dinner, we all dismissed to our various rooms to get ready for the next day, which was Sunday.
Rachel and I were in our room. Rachel was searching the cupboard for the cloth she would wear, while I was with my phone chatting with the head of the choir department to know what went on throughout the rehearsals in church.
The room was very quiet that if a pin dropped, you could hear the resonating sound of it. The silence was deafening. I pondered on why the room was very silent. It was then realisation dawned on me that Rachel and i hadn't talked since today. She wasn't one to keep malice though. I guess she just wanted to give me space to settle my mind, body and soul.

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