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Thursday, 20 September 2018


I was in a state of dilemma.
I was confused and at the same time, speechless. Words could not come out of my mouth even though I wanted to say something. I didn't want to leave the school neither did I want to repeat a class.
"So..?" Mrs. Seun asked, rolling her eyes and shrugged.
"You know what? I think this decision should be made within the family and no other person should be involved." Dad said bluntly. He decided to save me from my dumbfounded state. He knew how I felt and that I didn't want to give an answer to that yet.
"Okay. I guess my work is done here. I have a class to attend to now, so if you may please excuse me." Mrs. Seun said, wearing a fake smile. She was probably trying to hide how she felt at the moment because of how dad response was towards her.
"Yeah, we are also taking our leave." Dad said dryly. We both stood up and exit the staff room.
The ride back home was a very silent and moody one. The silence was choking that I couldn't even breath properly. I had to open the side window down to let fresh air come in, even though the air conditioner was turned on, that wasn't just enough.
"What happened? Why did you open the side window?" Dad asked.
"I was hot." I said, looking straight through the windscreen, not sparing him a glance.
"Despite the air conditioner is on?" He said, placing his hand close to the air vent.
No response.
"Then you should have told me to turn it off, rather than just keeping shut and then opening the side mirror like that." He further said, turning off the air conditioner.
"I am sorry sir." I muttered.
After minutes of driving, which felt like hours to me, we finally got to our house. The car came to a halt and I got down immediately. I felt a shock in my legs from the long hours of sitting.
"Ruby." Dad called out to me.
I rolled my eyes before turning back to answer him. "Sir."
"I am going out. I'll be back in a jiffy."
Take your time. "Okay." I said instead, nodding my head at the same time.
I got into the house and saw Rachel sitting on the settee, engrossed with what she was doing with her phone. She didn't even raise her head up to look at me. Perhaps, she didn't hear the sound of dad's car.
"No light?" I asked, grabbing her attention. I knew there was no power but I just wanted to say something so that she would notice me.
"Ahah! Are you guys back already?" Rachel asked, taking her eyes off her phone and paid attention to me.
"No oh , we are just... um, going to the school now." I said, putting on a feigned innocent face. After a while, I rolled my eyes at her. "Rubbish! So you didn't hear the sound of dad's car abi?"
" Abegi ." Rachel said, sounding a bit offended.
"Wait, so you wanna tell me that if dad had entered with me, you wouldn't have known?"
"Whatever! So where's dad?"
"See him. He is on my head." I said, pointing at my head.
She raised an eyebrow. "Seriously? And you think it's funny, right?"
I laughed, not minding what she just said. I walked to where she was seated and sat on the arm of the couch. "So NEPA hasn't restored the light?" I asked the same dumb question I asked earlier. Oh stupid me!

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