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Tuesday, 25 September 2018


She scanned the living room, like she was looking for something. "Oh, don't mind me." She tapped my laps girlishly. "Since i was the only one at home, I turned everything in the house off. And besides, you know it's pre-paid meter light we are using, so I don't wanna waste it, since we ain't using it."
"Even the fan?" I asked skeptically.
She rolled her eyes confusedly. "Yeah? Any problem with that?" She asked.
"Okay then, let me turn on the TV and watch something that would brighten up my mood a bit." I made my way to the TV and switched it on, but it didn't on. Was I just fooled? I turned back to face Rachel who was looking at me already with a mischievous smile on her face. I placed my hand in akimbo.
"Wait, was I just fooled?"
"Aw no dear, you weren't just fooled. You are the fool. You got in and met everywhere this way, yet you decided to ask the most stupid question that even a mad man wouldn't ask. I never knew dick-heads like yours exist in this family." She jeered at me.
"Oh really! Well, thank you!" I stormed out of the living room and ran upstairs to my room. I got in and left the door ajar. I brought out my phone, turned on the data connection and clicked on Facebook lite on my icon. I decided to chat to wile away time.
It was 8:09pm and everyone was around. We already had our dinner. I was in my room when Richard came to tell me that dad was calling me. I knew what he wanted to talk about, so I hesitated before going down to the living room to answer him.
Everyone was seated in the living room when I got there. They were all watching a Bollywood movie on zee world.
"Sir." All attentions were given to me.
"Sit down." Dad ordered.
I sat down watching the movie that was displayed on the screen of the TV. The scene that was showing piqued my interest and I was forced to watch it to the end. For the record, I wasn't a fan of Bollywood movies, but I didn't hate it either.
"Yes Ruby, have you made your decision already?" Dad asked out of the blues. All eyes were on me, probably wondering what dad was talking about.
"What decision?" Mum asked.
"Oh dear, I didn't tell you. Well today, we went to Ruby's school and her class teacher and I had a discussion. And we concluded that it's either she repeats ss2 or she goes to a tutorial lesson." Dad explained to mum.
"Oh, let her repeat nah . Is there any big deal there?" Mum said and I looked at her with horror.
"Mummy no oh." I whined.
"Did I send you to fail?" Her words made me shrink inside. I felt really sad.
"Dear, you don't have to be harsh on the poor girl. It is not her fault she failed." Dad said, with a lot of concern.
"I know. I failed too when I was in secondary school and I had no other option than to repeat. She could as well do the same." Mum said.
"No oh ." Rachel defended me.
"Shut up! What do you know? You think we have enough money to waste on private schools."
"Mum is not a pri.." Rachel was about to say.
"I said, shut up!" She cut Rachel off. "See darling, let her just repeat the class. Not like it's a big deal." Mum concluded.
"I totally agree with mum. Not like she's gonna die." Richard added. We all looked at him. "I only gave out my suggestion." He raised his hands in a surrendering manner. Argh!
"See, I can't let Ruby repeat the class." You go
dad! "I know how it feels and it's really going to affect her drastically." Dad completed his statement.
I felt proud to have a dad like this. He was very understanding. However, I didn't want to leave the school yet. Not now, not ever!
Shut up ruby! My subconscious mind was at work.
"So Ruby, what do you say about this?" Dad turned to look at me, so did everyone.
"I..I.." I stuttered. I can't! "Okay, I..I'll go to the tutorial lesson."
* * * *
Well, well, what do we have here? Ruby finally
decided to attend a tutorial lesson.
Hope we are in support of her decision.

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