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Thursday, 27 September 2018


It was a day after I told them my decision and everything felt normal again. Unlike when I failed, everyone just had this mood swings. They treated me a bit differently from the normal way they did and it was very unfavorable for me. It made me feel foreign.
Mum and dad accepted my decision wholeheartedly while I, on the other hand, was just satisfied with my decision. I can't say I was happy with it because i never thought that this day would ever come. I always had the aspiration that I would graduate with my friends in Benson college, but I guess life always had it's way of twisting people's fate.
"Ruby, I guess you are happy with your decision." Rachel said, while combing her hair. We were the only ones in the house. Richard had gone to school. Mum and dad had also gone to work.
"Not happy, just satisfied with it." I responded.
"Why? Why not happy?" Rachel stopped combing her hair and turned to look at me.
I plopped on the bed.
"Well, that's because I don't wanna leave the school yet." I shrugged.
"See this one. I pity you. Don't face what fate has in store for you. You don't know that now you have a lot of advantages leaving that school."
"Oh, so now it's that school." Emphasis was laid on the word that . "I know I have to face my fate, but I still have this nostalgic attachment with the school."
"Oh cut me some slack dear! You have to get over this your superfluous feelings. It's getting really irritating already. Is it not just a school? Not like you would remain there till you die. Girl," Rachel stood up from the vanity table and walked towards my direction. "Life is unpredictable. Certain things happen which you least expect would. You have to learn to live life as it comes girl, you really have to." She was already standing in front of me. She tapped my shoulder in a consoling manner which irritated me. It made me feel like a weakling and I wasn't.
"See, you don't get me totally. Not like I haven't got over the unnecessary feelings, but.."
"Enough with the buts." Rachel cut me off in an exasperated manner. "You know what, let's just end this discussion now. Let's not add bitter leaf to what's not so sweet, if you get what I mean. Speaking of which, I'm damn hungry, I need to put something in my empty stomach. What's for breakfast?"
I ignored her by walking out of the room and not answering to her question.
I made my way to the kitchen ready to consume whatever was in the kitchen. I guess I was also as hungry as Rachel was.
I opened all the pots and they were neatly washed, nothing was in them. I opened the refrigerator hoping to see something and yes, I did. It wasn't little I saw. The refrigerator was filled with edible stuffs.
I thought of what to eat and an idea popped up in my head to make omelette with bread and drink tea. I loved that food a lot. I set out all the ingredients I needed for the omelette and placed them on the worktop.
"Hey, what do you wanna cook?" Rachel stood by the doorway.
I turned to look at her before answering. "I want to fry egg. I want us to eat bread with fried egg and tea."
"Okay, ensure it is sweet. Don't add much salt to the egg oh ." She walked away immediately after her statement.
After we had our breakfast, we watched a couple of sitcoms on TV and conversed a little. The day turned out very boring, because we spent it sleeping or should I say, I spent the day sleeping.

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