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Saturday, 29 September 2018


It was eight thirty in the evening. Everyone was home including dad, surprisedly. I was in my room chatting on phone with my ex class mates. Yeah, they were Ex to me now.
I was chatting when dad called me to the living room.
"Yes dad, you called." He was the only one in the living room.
"Yeah, sit down." He gestured for me to have a seat. "You know you are no longer going to that school." He looked irritated saying the last word. He paused for a while, probably waiting for a response.
When I didn't respond, he continued.
"So, you are going to start lessons tomorrow. That means, I will be going late to work tomorrow. I told my boss already."
"But dad—"
"You can't say no." He cut me off softly but authoritatively. Why do they always have to cut me
off? Shouldn't my opinions count? "I already told my boss that I'll be late tomorrow because I want to take you to the school to register and kick off with classes immediately. You can't afford to lag behind in your academics." He said calmly.
"Dad, I know. But don't you think it'd be better if I started next week Monday? Today is Tuesday and tomorrow would be Wednesday. Let me just start on Monday." I tried to convince dad. I really didn't want to start tomorrow. I wasn't ready to mingle with new people.
"Ruby, it doesn't matter the day you start. It's still the same thing. Starting tomorrow or next week, there's no difference. You are starting tomorrow and that's final. You can go to your room now." He ordered.
"Why are you just telling me now?" I muttered under my breath.
"What did you say?"
"I said, I didn't have any books to use tomorrow." I said abruptly.
"Don't worry, we will get all the items you need tomorrow. You just wake up early and prepare yourself."
I stood up from the sofa and headed straight to my room. I wasn't happy with the discussion Dad and I just had.
"What happened?" I didn't even enter the room completely before Rachel threw the question at me. It felt as though she had been waiting patiently for me.
"Dad said that I'm starting lesson tomorrow."
"Wow, that's great news." Rachel sounded excited, whereas, I wasn't. "Wait, is that the reason why you're sad?"
"Why wouldn't I? I don't want to start lesson tomorrow. I told him I want to start on Monday but he declined totally. I don't know why you people always force me into doing things that I don't wanna do. I am tired of this house!"
"Woah! frustrated much? You know all what we are doing is for your good."
"Good ko , good ni . There's nothing good in what you folks are doing to me, if I don't have to contribute to any of it. I mean, it's my life." I folded my arms around my chest and feigned an infantile face which made Rachel laugh mockingly.
"Why is this one laughing now?" I felt a little embarrassed.
" should have seen your face. That was damn childish, gosh!"
"See abeg, make I sleep. I don't wanna wake up late tomorrow." I arranged the bed sheet properly and laid on the bed. In less than ten minutes, I presume, I drifted to my slumber land.
* * * *
I woke up feeling a bit uneasy. I felt that way because I was about to experience a new life. A life that would change my life, either positively or negatively. A life that I didn't bargain for.
"Ruby, are you ready?" Dad asked from the living room, causing him to shout a bit because I was in my bed room, combing my hair.
"Yes I am." I took my bag immediately from the bed and rushed down to the living room, so as not to keep him waiting.
We went to the car and drove off immediately. After minutes of driving, we arrived at the place and I got out of the car without no hesitation. The first thing my eyes met was the sign board which had the name of the lesson boldly written on it, and it read - SCHOLARS TUTORIALS.
My heart started to beat really fast. To say I was nervous was a big understatement. I was more than nervous. Words couldn't even describe how I felt at the moment. I was terrified.
"Good afternoon sir. How may I help you?" The secretary, who was a petite looking female said. From the way she looked, I could tell she was well mannered and nice too, because she was obviously just smiling at me. I had to reciprocate by returning the gesture.
"I want to enroll my daughter," Dad said, pointing at me. "To your tutorials." He completed his statement.
"You're welcome sir. Okay, let me direct you to the accountant's office, that's where all dues are been paid and you can get all the information that is needed. Follow my lead sir." She was so fluent in the way she spoke and a very lovely person. I liked her already.
We got to the account office which was very comforting.
We did all that was necessary and I was dismissed to the class. I didn't know what came over me. I started sweating profusely and my walking step changed. It wasn't the steady and graceful girl anymore. It was the unsteady and graceless girl that came to view.
"Come to think of it, why am I nervous? Are they not humans like me? Girl, compose. Don't let people think of you as a shy person." I thought aloud. Minute by minutes, I became composed. As I got to the class, all eyes turned to look at me.
* * * *

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