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Thursday, 27 September 2018


Chapter 2 -Adesua

Adesua Parker shrieked "hallelujah. I'm not pregnant"

Eric Parker raised his eyebrow as he watched his wife dance around the living room. He gently pulled the pregnancy test out of her hand, looked at it and gave a sour look "I guess you're right then. I'm not going to be a father"

Adesua stopped dancing and sobered up quickly "Eric, please stop exaggerating. You already have two daughters"

"From my former marriage, yes"

"Think about it. You don't really want to raise a baby right now. Neither do I. You know how much I don't want kids"

Eric grunted "Here we go again"

"I am serious too. I'm young and I don't want to worry about changing diapers or crying babies. Not now, not ever. Seriously, we've had this talk over and over again"

"And I've shown my displeasure over it repeatedly"

Adesua pursed her lips; wishing she could go full benin-girl savage on him, but she had to hold back her craziness "Gina and Tanya are all the kids I need right now. Besides, we have three adorable dogs that we raised well"

"You'd make a great mother, Addie. I knew that"

Adesua's heart softened as she tried to hold back the pain she felt in her chest. She had missed the chance of being a mother and she didn't see herself worthy of being one "Maybe, but I'm a better step mother. I secretly think Gina and Tanya prefer me to their real mom. I'm the fun kind. Though I suspect your ex wife doesn't like me "

Eric grinned "She never liked the beautiful, feisty and stubborn ones"

Adesua smiled, happy to see Eric on a good mood "Now that things are less tense, I have news for you"

Eric teased "Pregnancy news?"

Adesua swatted his arm playfully "nice try, but no. I'll be going to Nigeria soon. My high school best friend would be celebrating her birthday soon and I can't miss it"

"which of your friends?"


"The model?"

"That's the one"

"I like Naya. You're happier when you're with her"

"Everyone's happier around Naya. That's just her. She's the glue of the clique"

"Just make sure you have fun with your friends and don't do anything crazy"

Adesua's eyes twinkled "since when am I not crazy. Wherever Adesua Omoragbon Parker steps into, there must be casala"

Eric gave an amused expression "it's like you and trouble are twins, aren't you?"

Adesua winked "you bet it"

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