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Saturday, 29 September 2018


Chapter 3 -Grace

Grace knocked on the door "Come out, Michael. It's time for lunch."

When Grace got no reply, she pushed the door open and found Michael lying on his bed with his earpiece in his ear and playing a game on his phone

Grace pulled the phone out of his hand "Are you even listening to me"

The impact of the pull had the phone falling down and hitting the ground.

Michael groaned in annoyance "Mom, you broke my phone"

Grace's eyes widened instantly as she struggled to pick up the phone "oh my God, sweetie. I didn't mean to"

Michael folded his arms "You always ruin everything. It's not fair"

"Don't raise your voice at me, young man. I'll get you a new phone tomorrow. Is that okay?"

Grace didn't wait for his response as she added "Now follow me, it's time for dinner"

Michael begrudgingly followed Grace to the dining room as they sat down and ate in awkward silence.

"I got news from your principal that you got into a fight"
"It's not my fault, mom"

"Not your fault? This is your third fight this month and you've been getting in trouble for the past four years. I'm surprised they haven't expelled you already"

"I'm sorry, mom"

Grace's anger dissipated as she quietly asked "why did you get into a fight this time"

"Tomi is a shameless bully. He was trying to force Stella; a girl he liked; on him. So I stepped in. I wouldn't have fought him if he didn't insult me"

"Mr superhero, what did he say?"

"it's just crap. He said that dad died because he can't stand being around me and that you care more about being a doctor than about me. I just got upset and punched him in the face"

"You should have reported, violence isn't justified. Maybe I ought to talk to your principal about this"

"Are you trying to ruin my stay in this school? I'm already in SS1. I can deal with my problems myself. Tomi wouldn't try messing with me"

"Ignore that Tomi boy. Your father loves you very much. Life just took him away from us"

Michael scoffed "I know that, but he isn't wrong about you always being busy"

"I don't have to explain myself to you. I'm the only breadwinner in this home so I have to bury myself in my work. Being a paediatrician is time consuming but I always make sure to create time for you"

"Mom. You're not the only paediatrician I know. Dupe's dad is a doctor and he's always around. He even makes time for PTAs and school functions"

Grace narrowed her eyes in realization "Is that why you let yourself get into trouble? To get my attention?"

"Admit it, you only came early today because the principal informed you about the fight"

Grace stood up, with an annoyed look "Thats it. pack up the dishes and go to your room. Make sure you clean up the table. When you're done with everything, do your school assignment and stop trying to annoy me before I do something we'd both regret"

Michael's eyes widened as he quickly gathered the plates and raced to the kitchen.

Grace walked back to the living room and let her gaze linger on Naya's birthday invitation that she received from the mail. Her mind was already calculating how many days leave would she be taking from work. She needed the break. She hadn't had time to slow down from work, not since Jonathan died.

Grace turned her head to the direction of Michael's silhouette passing by as he entered his room. No time for regrets. She missed her high school friends and couldn't remember when last she had been to a party. Neither had she made much friends, nor had she had time for Michael. She hated herself for that and this party was her only redemption.

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