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Tuesday, 9 October 2018


Chapter One


I sat idly, anticipating the big black gates to come into veiw. Joe, the driver whistled as he drove closer into the road. My eyes wandered around. Looking anywhere and everywhere. It suddenly landed on a filling station, people were parked in front of it, the line moved slowly. The fuel scarcity had become a problem over the months. Hopefully things would go back to normal. My mind drifted back to my initial argument with my mother just because I had been staring at a picture that belonged to him. She had ripped the picture in pieces and thrown it at me. My hands glazed over the pieces of a once fine work of art. Furiously, I wind down the window and let the pieces fly.

Your father is dead. He died. You were at his burial.

My hands tapped softly on the leader as I thought of what she had said. Years ago, she would have sat with me, telling me of how much she loved him, and how much she wished he had been here, with us. Seven years ago, when we still resided in portharcout, I had returned from my summer holiday from my aunts home, only to discover that my father had died, in a car accident on his way to Aba. His funeral wasn't well planned. It had been quick, rushed and disorganized. The next year, we moved to lagos. And I was enrolled at a boarding school.

My eyes widened and I smiled knowingly as my school, Regan's Memorial College came into veiw. It had formerly been a federal school, belonging to the government. However, eight years ago, it had been bought.

Josiah stopped the car. "Zara, oya oh."

I alighted swiftly from the honda CRV jeep and turned to the booth of the car. Josiah alighted as well and helped me carry my luggage to the school gate. There, he waved at me and hurried away. I walked into the school, Feeling satisfied with the fact that the people to now check in were my mates. And they certainly would not demand much of me.

I walked over to the canopy for sapphire house, grinning like an idiot.

"RealZee!" Afam shouted.

His formerly full afro now gone, replaced with little hair and a scalp that glistened under the sun. Afam was an acting house captain and a good friend of mine.

"Guy! You are practically bald!" I snickered, clutching my luggage.

He huffed, his smile died dramatically as he glanced sideways. It landed on one of our house masters. The man was also my government teacher and he was known for the treating notorious boys mercilessly. However, most senior boys were gunning to get him in their trap and cut of the long white beard that grew on his jaw.

"I'll still cut off his beard. I'll be among the first people to do it sef," Afam hissed.

The man turned and my eyes locked with his. He raised a brow at me. I greeted him happily. "Good afternoon sir!"

"Obih!" He greeted.

I smiled knowingly and looked away. More hailing came. And the nickname Ene, my best friend had given me-the realzee, flowed out on everyone's lip lick it was music. I wasn't quite popular, despite me being from an extremely wealthy family. However, I was well liked by my friends. If I were to classify myself, I'd say i belonged to the middle class.

Now, in my school, I believe there were three classes of people. One,the popular ones,the ones people knew well, respected and who held themselves at high esteem. Liked by all and known by many, including the juniors. These ones are referred to as the 'mouthed ones'.

The second, were the ones who weren't quite popular, however they had good amount of friends and were known as well. Well known doesn't mean in the sense that people don't know your name, they know your name alright but they don't hold you to certain heights in which the person of the first grade is being held. In the third category, these ones are seen as bolors. They tend mostly to be too quiet, lacking social life and mostly people talk to them anyhow. They were called the 'Unash' meaning Unknown. It was a slang, carved from the word unnecessary.

I believe I fell into the second category. I walked away quickly once I had been checked. I walked towards the hostel without any glance backwards. Once I got into the hostel, I noticed much to my dismay that the grasses had grown much in the past month. I groaned. I had been appointed Heath and sanitation prefect. And it was my duty to keep the school clean at all times.

The moment I walked through the door, the shouting that erupted made me halt. Girls hurled my way, with arms stretched out and screams vibrating from their lips. They crushed me in a hug.

"Where my biscuit?"

"Oya,the chocolate."

"How far you na."

"How you dey?"

Series of questions from faces I couldn't quite see as everyone spoke ar once. I sighed heavily as a loud voice filled the room.

"Besty!" Ene, my best friend ran towards me, with the rest of our small friendship group in tow. Mona,Grace and Jacqueline.

I don land.


Monday was most dreaded. The seats and desks were covered in dust, as well as the classroom in general. Cobwebs weaved perfectly on the ceiling and across the walls. My class, SS3A,dusted angrily. Boys began to lament.

"Girls, you are the ones supposed to do all this work oh." Samson shouted.

All girls turned to him sharply.

"Abi this one is high?" Feyi questioned, her hands drilling painfully into her temple. Beside me,Ene snickered.

"Feyi calm down abeg. Don't go an open hole in your head because of Samson. The boy has been taking Otapiapia." Ene retorted.

The entire class burst into laughter. I laughed out loud, my hands clutched my sides as I laughed. I scream out loud even as I rumbled with laughter. Everyone had stopped laughing yet I laughed on.

"Zara issokay na. Which kind of laugh is this one na?" Ayo asked, smiling at me.

I laughed even harder, unable to control myself. This is one of my most embarrassing traits. I clump my mouth together with much effort and put my hand over my mouth. The laughter was still buried in my throat.

Ene hit my lightly. "My cousin is swaggering his way here."

I stiffened. Her cousin, Toby  had professed his immense love for me the previous term. Being the last term in Ss2. I had not agreed to liking him too, but seeing as he liked me, I didn't like to embarrass myself infront of him.

I looked up. And truly, he was swaggering his way towards us. His hands rubbed together softly, displaying his silver Rolex wristwatch. His dark blue trouser fitted him perfectly as well as the lighter blue shirt he paired with it. All in all, he looked good in uniform. His hair wasn't so high, but it was not showing his scalp either. Toby was about a six foot tall. He was tall and handsomely dark.

He walked closer, smiling. Ene winked at me, before turning around and walking away from me. Chai. This girl will see.

I stood there, with a dirty tissue paper in hand and a dusty desk. I flung the tissue on the floor just in time as Toby stood in front of me.

"You see why Samson said girls should be sweeping." Mike suddenly said out, his voice laced with humor. "Everybody is throwing their tissue in the bin. Only Zara decided to throw hers on the floor. She is girl oh."

Everyone laughed out loud. I glared at Michael. Toby  smiled.

"Na Toby cause am!" Samson yelled.

Toby smirked at me. "Can we talk outside?"

I nodded.  "Ok."

We both walked outside, me infront of him. I internally face palmed. I should have let him go before me. he was probably staring at my flat ass.

I stood by the railing and turned. He stood infront of me. "How are you?"

I smiled. "Good."

His eyes wandered to my hair. I subconsciously touched it. I hoped the cornrows didn't make me look stupid.

"Your hair is fine." He stated, smiling.

"Thank you. Your watch too."

He glanced at his wrists. "You noticed it."

I smirked. "Was that not the purpose of wearing it?"

He grinned. "Absolutely."

"So,what did you bring for me?" I asked smiling.

His hands moved to his neck. "I was so damned confused on what to bring mehn."

I raised a brow at him. "So, you then decided not to bring anything at all?"

He raised his hands in the air. "What could a fine girl such as yourself want?"

I narrowed my eyes at him. I liked guys pulling their charms out with sweet words, but I also didn't find myself prey of such.

"I hear you." I sighed dramatically. "I'll just head back into class, my locker still needs dusting.

Toby's expression fell. "Oh. Yeah."

I turned to go. I was stopped as soft boyish hands gripped my forearm. Toby smiled at me. I creased my brows, to my suprise, his Rolex dangled in front of my face, its silver glistening in the morning sun. He pulled my right wrist foward and slipped in the Rolex. I watched him, saying nothing.

It wouldn't be bad if i flaunted the fact that Toby coker just slipped his wrist watch around my wrists. Smiling, I watched as he clasped it tightly and smiled.

"Silver is totally your colour." He winked and walked away.

I stood there, staring after him for a while until Micheal screamed. "Zara, if love is a crime, you'll be sentenced for life." 

The entire class erupted in laughter. I glared fully at Micheal as I strutted into class, smiling shyly.


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