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Thursday, 11 October 2018


Chapter Two.


I walked briskly towards  the dining hall, my hands rubbing together subconsciously. As usual, the dining hall was already filled up. Jerome, my best friend was  by my side. He tucked in his shirt into his check trousers perfectly. His well ironed blue striped shirt well buttoned to the collar. His Rolex watch clasp around his wrists. He looked up at me.

"Why are you staring at me like that?"

I smiled slyly. "If babes see you ehn,they'll think you are responsible. But once they hear of the journey your mouth and hands have gone on ehn.. they'll know you have been to pl-"

"Shut up." Jerome groaned. His hands slipped into his pocket. "I am responsible. And innocent, all those girls are the demons."

I shook my head. Once we got close to the hall, I stopped on my tracks and stopped Jerome with me. My eyes landed on the table beside the door. I spotted Zara, she sat on the table, her head bowed, reading the novel in front of her. Her crew, Ene,Mona,Jacqueline and Grace sat beside her, chatting sway. My heart stopped.

Her fair skin glowed in the white light, she looked radiant in that moment. Her blue stripped gown ironed to perfection. She placed her long fingers on her temple and sighed. I winced once I sighted her finger nails. She chewed them.

"Baba, I've been standing here, watching you drool over her. Time up. I'm hungry." Jerome announced.

I looked over to him. "Let's seat there," I gestured to the table Zara sat on.

Afam suddenly came from beside her. He told the juniors seating on her left to scram. He sat down beside her immediately, yet there was enough space beside him. I tapped Jerome.


Leaving no room for protest, I grabbed Jerome by his forearm and pulled him quickly into the hall. Immediately we walked in, she looked up. Her light brown's eyes locked with mine.

"Hey," I said, stepping towards her and still gripping Jerome.

"Fuck no." Jerome whispered harshly. He hated Zara, and I had no idea why.

"Hi." Zara waved.

Jacqueline and Mona, who sat opposite Zara smiled at us and without hesitation, moved to the other side beside Afam.

Jerome and I took our seats opposite Zara, him facing her and me, in front of Afam. I grunted in frustration. I made to tell ask him if we could swap, but the sudden tap on my shoulder averted my attention. It was Ene. My annoying cousin.

"Ene," I groaned.

She smirked. "Bring bride price first before you make another attempt."

I glared at her. "You ate all my summer fish. That's enough bride price."

She snorted. "You don't like fish."

"Still counts," I retorted and turned back to Jerome.

To my surprise, he was already talking to Zara.

Uh oh. Recipe for disaster.

"So, you read books where they describe body touching easily." Jerome inquired, turning the cover of the book.

Zara raised a brow. "It's the love story I'm interested in, not the sex."

Jerome smirked. "So you know it's sex. You've done it before?"

Zara narrowed her eyes. "We all know it's sex."

Jerome scoffed. He dropped the book back, causing a loud thud. Then his eyes wandered to her finger nails. "You still chew your nails?! Jesus, that's bad. Your nails are horrible."

Zara shrank back in embarrassment. Although, she did well to conceal it. "Bad habit." She shrugged.

Jerome sat up. "Your nails are freaking invisible. You need to stop. Wow! Look just how ugly your nails are. I bet you chew your toenails too."

I made to interrupt. "J-"

"I get the point you idiot. Chewing nails is a bad habit. Now can you stop pouring me spit?" She glared at him.

Afam snickered. "Zara 1, Jerome Zero."

Mona smirked. "Nzerome."

Every body chuckled.

Jerome narrowed his eyes at Zara. "Well, I was just advising you, no need to get all angry. I'm just saying that even if you want to get a manicure for your wedding, it's impossible."

Afam widened his eye. "Zara, I'm sorry but this was a hit."

I groaned loudly, finally finding my voice. "Jerome thats enough."

Zara shook her head. "No leave him, let him keep on barking like Mr Danju's Dog."

The whole table erupted in laughter. Even I had to admit that was funny. Mr Danju's Dog was the most dirtiest dog on earth. And the dog was a very horny one. One time is hugged the root of a mango tree beside our classroom and started moving on it.


"That's boring Zara." Jerome huffed. His smirk instantly disappeared. He stood up from the table and walked away.

Zara turned to me. "Your best friend is a major Idiot. Tell him to buy sense before coming to my presence."

With that, she stood up and walked towards the center of the dining hall. Karen, the acting head girl stepped foward, towards the center. Zara rushed to her, instantly whispering into her ear. Karen smiled then nodded.

Zara turned. "All students keep quiet now!"

"Sapphire house students keep quiet." Karen called.

Afam stood up. "Emerald house students keep quiet!"

Ene jumped up instantly and walked to the center. "Topaz house students keep quiet now!"

Karen raised her head up. "After the prayer, I want to hear a very loud response."

Zara put on a stony look. "Thank you oh Lord for this food!"


It was the first time, she ever prayed in front of these students. And she looked absolutely hot doing it.


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