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Friday, 19 October 2018



  Chapter six.


The topaz house girls were known as party queens. In our hostels, there were four houses. Topaz, Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald. As the colour of the gems were, so was the colour of the house they were named after.

It was Friday night and the Topaz girls were hosting a party. It was in their room. Normally, these parties weren't exactly parties as we were restricted to certain things used for parties. It was more like a sing and dance thing. Either everyone's voice rang out and sang while someone drummed and we'd all dance or someone who sneaked in a contraband; phone would play the music. It was normally so much noise.

Betty had bought a cocktail wine. We had no idea where or how she was able to sneak it in. However, she popped it in the middle of the dance and drank from the bottle before passing it. I made up my mind not to drink from it. Too much lips, saliva and tongue. Eww.

Ene was a terrific dancer. In the group, she was the best, after her Mona. The rest of us were wack when it came to dancing. The girls were chanting to Mr Eazi's Leg over.

The drummer, Baby Favour suddenly stopped and shouted. "Since we can't go to the party......"

Every responded. "We bring the party here! "

And the singing started. "Oh baby favour..!"

Lil kesh's baby favour rang out in the room. I watched as My best friend wiggled her waist and danced to the music. When the wine got to her, she declined. Ene caught me staring at her. I winked. She rolled her eyes and walked over to me. She dragged me with her to the dance floor and forced me to dance.

I laughed.

"Tomorrow is social night you guys know ba?" Karen shouted.

Everyone turned to her. She was afterall the head girl.

Baby favour snorted. "Karen baby. It's just to unease tense. Was a long week."

Karen smiled and turned back to her corner. Her corner was the head corner and the largest. Karen had some sort of authority when she talked. Even before she was the head girl. I always thought that was why the post was given to her. That and her intelligence. Mirabel the deputy head girl was entirely different. She barely talked, with her huge rimmed glasses and curvy body, she was always by the corner. Not giving a care about what went on around her. She always topped the class. Mirabel was extremely reserved, she barely socialized with anyone. Except the deputy head boy who obviously had the hots for her.

The dancing continued.

"SS3 girls!" We heard the caretaker Mummy Christy call out. "Keep your mouth shut. It's late."

Everyone suddenly kept quiet. Baby Favour had stopped drumming.

Suddenly, Ene screamed out. "When I no dey see bread talkless of Akara. All the fine girls they use me dey shakara..."

Everybody suddenly sang along and Baby Favour went back to drumming. Grinning hard, I danced with my crazy best friend.

The night was still young.


"Seriously Kevin abi Calvin... gimme the spoon." Ene sighed impatiently.

Kevin held it up above his head and waved it. He was taller than Ene so it wasn't easy for her to reach out and get it.

"I was sitting on my own jejelly (quietly) before this one just snatched my spoon from me. Can't you see I'm hungry?!" Ene snapped, apparently having had enough of his bullshit.

We had no idea why the guy snatched her spoon while she was eating. She never even spoke to the guy before.

"Sorry." He grinned and handed the spoon to her.

Ene narrowed her eyes at him. She snatched the spoon and sat back down to finish her food.

Mona looked at Kevin. "How far na."

Kevin sighed and sat down beside Ene. She glared at him. He chuckled.

"You need to improve on your scary face." He nodded towards Mona. "I just came to collect my physics text book from her. I just had to slow you down from eating. It looked like you'd swallow the plate too."

Ene made sure to swallow the rice in her mouth before she turned to a smiling Kevin. "Get out."

He raised a brow. "Seriously you don't - awwu-"

He stood up instantly. Mona handed him his text book. "Is she wearing heels? " he asked no one in particular.

Ene looked up at him. "Why don't you come and find out yourself."

He swallowed hard and walked away, practically limping.

We were only five on the table. It was Sunday, after we had come back from service, everyone headed straight for the dining. The table went back to normal girls gossip. Mona had started telling a tale again. And this time Grace had witnessed it too.

"The real Zee!" A familiar voice called and sat beside me. It was Afam.

I turned to him. "Blacky."

"Yes baby." He moaned, closing his eyes. I smacked his head.


He chuckled then turned to everyone on the table and waved.

"Black sup." Mona winked.

Jacqueline blew him a kiss. "Blacky."

He shook his head. "It's black to y'all. Only Zee can call me Blacky."

Ene snorted. "Only me can call her the real zee."

Afam rolled his eyes. "You barely ever call her that."

Toby,Jerome and Micheal suddenly sat beside Ene. "Abeg (please) shift yansh (ass)," Micheal pleaded.

Ene finished her food and turned to them. "Why are all of you coming to this table?"

"It's a table for ten." Jerome muttered dryly.

Mona's head shot up. "Nzerome!"

Jerome groaned. "Can you stop calling me-"

"Nzerome." Jacqueline smirked.

I shook my head, laughing at the scene before me.

Afam gulped. "Zara please don't laugh."

Betty suddenly walked out from nowhere.

I mean i didn't notice where she came from.

She walked over to Jerome and whispered something in his ear. Jerome wrapped his hands around her waist and drew her close. He attempted to kiss her, but she put her hands on his lips and shook her head. She pushed him back and walked off, sashaying her hips as she walked. Her leg suddenly stepped on something. She was far from our table so we didn't know what she stepped on, but suddenly she fell face flat.

I turned to Afam. "Too late."

And the laughing began. I wasn't the only one laughing, the whole student body was. Including Jerome, asshole.


Jerome bent under the table when he saw OJ coming towards where we sat. Today, he looked so serious in his suit and tie. If Jerome hadn't been avoiding him, he would have teased the man. That didn't mean Afam, Michael and I wouldn't however.

Even the guys behind our table would. I could already hear Daniel, the most notorious boy in Sapphire house whistling. I looked back and looked at the table. There were about nine notorious guys there.

"Nice tie Mr Ojo." Afam greeted.

"Very nice. Even your suit is shining as If they rub it vaseline." Mona piped in.

Mona, her tongue had no filter. She was a talkative and couldn't even care about what she said.

"Sir, your shoe sef is on point!" Micheal grinned.

My eyes snapped to Zara when I heard her chuckle. She smiled at me. I did the same. I grinned more when I saw my rolex on her left wrist.

"Coker!" OJ called.

I turned to him. "Sir."

"Where is Ezeh?"

I shrugged. "I don't know sir."

"Avam." The man turned to Afam. "Where is Jerome?"

"Sir he is black, I'm white. I don't know."

Everyone on the table laughed.

Daniel from the back screamed. "Abi he is white and you are black." 

Afam wriggled his brows. "You garrit bro!"

Daniel smirked. "He is under the table!"

I heard Jerome curse sharply. Afam, Michael and every other person on the table glared at Micheal. OJ pushed the table aside and the first thing he saw was Jerome's full afro hair.

Jerome looked up, his face was stoic and angry. OJ pulled him up roughly and let go of him.

"You didn't cut the hair." He noted.

Jerome clenched his jaw, sending a death glare Daniel's way. Daniel only snickered with his friends. His main minions, Fuhad and Guy pumped theie fists in the air. They only ratted Jerome out because they were angry at him. He had mistakenly stepped on their Iya Kemi food. He hadn't seen it and he wanted to borrow a peg from Fuhad. As he walked into their corner, he hadn't seen the bowl of spaghetti and had kicked it. In panic, he jumped to the other side only to step on the spaghetti. Even though he apologized continually, we some how knew that Daniel wouldn't forgive him. Asshole.

Jerome kept glaring at them as OJ spoke. He was the same height with OJ. He had a broad shoulder and a chest worth drooling over, that was why even as OJ ripped at his shirt, Jerome stood there, not flinching.

"This is not the school style. Remove it."

Jerome did as asked. He was now left in only his white singlet and the khaki trouser.

I could hear sharp intake of breaths I turned, everyone was staring and most girls were drooling. I looked at Zara, she had a blank expression on her face. Her eyebrows suddenly raised. I turned to where her gaze was fixed. It was on Jerome. OJ was on a call and Jerome took the time to annoy my girl.

He was signalling to his chest and wriggling his brows. Zara rolled her eyes and snorted.

I don't know what Jerome was feeling like. But the next moment, he pulled his singlet off.

Grace gasped, then she whistled. She was about to say something but Zara beat her to it.

"Oga, cover up jhoor, you are as flat as Spongebob." Zara snorted.

Everyone burst into laughter, everyone that heard including me. Zara's tongue was fiery and her insults were so on point. I had to laugh too.

Afam spoke up between laughs. "White, you like embarrassing me."

"Nzerome," Mona laughed. "No worry your head. You are hot but mehn the way she said it!"

Everyone laughed again. Jerome huffed and looked away. The next moment, OJ pulled Jerome out of the dining hall.

"His head will be shining the next time we see him," Zara said.

Jacqueline nodded. "I was in love with his afro oh."

I smiled. The final prayer was said and everyone stood up. I quickly called out to Zara before she could move. She looked up at me.

"Can we stroll?"


We walked side by side. Her perfume filled my nostrils and the only thing i wanted to do was inhale her. She turned to me immediately and my heart froze. She was saying something.

"Sorry what?" I asked dumbly.

Play cool.

I smiled sheepishly, suddenly feeling like an ass. "Sorry, my mind was far."

"Apparently." She smiled. "I was saying your friend will return to you bald."

"Oh. Jerome."

She nodded nonchalantly.

"What's the secret?" I asked suddenly.


"Yes, your beauty secret. You seem to glow everyday." I smirked.

She looked away, but I could tell she was smiling."thank you."

"So what was it you did today?"

She shrugged. "Nothing serious oh. Eh hen!" She stopped walking. "Why do you guys not coming to church sef?"

My hands rubbed my neck. "I thought you were Catholic. How would you know if we Pentecostal members don't go."

She gave me a pointed look. "I know. Catholic boys come to church sha. At least I saw Afam, Jerome and Micheal. Even Dozie."

I shrugged. "We have stuffs to do."

She nodded, letting the matter die. I stared at her hands. If not that she chewed her nails, her hands would have been lovely. She hand long rich fingers.

"So, if you were in your hostel what would you be doing?"

She sighed. "Reading a novel. I just got one."

"Na so. Most serious." I hailed.

We suddenly stopped in front of the school tuck shop. My eyes scanned what they had on display.

"Do you want anything?" I asked.

She shook her head.

"Oh. Ok."

"Look I have to go back to the hostel. I have to organize some students to sweep the assembly hall." She stated.

"That's the assembly prefects job." I stated.

She shook her head. "Apparently I'm involved in anything sanitary."

I nodded. "Ok. Bye then."

She nodded and turned to go. The moment she was by her hostel wall, taking the path leading towards the girls hostel gate, I sighted a very furious looking Jerome. He was coming from the class area. He hadn't seen me yet. His eyes was concentrated on Zara who didn't notice him either. She turned and walked into the hostel, he stared after her.

"Hey!" I called.

Jerome looked up. It was then I noticed his hair. His afro hair was gone, replaced by little hair that almost revealed his scalp.

My mouth dropped open.

I heard a loud laugh. I turned towards the girls hostel gate and to my surprise, Zara and Mona stood there, laughing their guts out.

Jerome didn't look their way. He headed towards me. I tried to stifle my laughter, to no avail. The moment he got closer, I saw the changes on his face. He looked less mature than he had been hours ago.

I stopped laughing when he fixed a glare behind me. I turned, Daniel, Fuhad and Guy all stood by the dining hall, laughing their heads off.

Jerome was seething.

"I swear, they'll pay."

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