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Friday, 19 October 2018


~Normani's cute self
"Hey Lisa wake up or you'll be late." I hear someone say beside me shaking me gently as I groaned sleepily.
"I just close my eyes for a few minutes and now you're telling me its time to get up... Sandra its too early for play." I told her in a sleepy angry tone before turning my back to her to go back to my sweet slumber.
"Wake up Lisa!" She yelled at me making me get up.
"What time is it?" I asked rubbing my eyes and yawning.
"It's past 6 and if you don't get your sleepy ass up you'd be late for work"
"Oh shit" I flew out of the bed so fast I was surprised I didn't break anything. I'll be late for work.
I went into the bathroom brushing my teeth and washing my face not bothering to shower. I got out and quickly put on my nurse outfit and packed my hair into the usual ponytail before leaving the room. Sandra was already waiting for me with the keys as I grabbed my purse and phone.
"Are you ready?" She asked me and I nodded in response before we left the apartment for the parking lot.
I got to work few minutes past 7 which was kinda early considering the time I woke up. All thanks to Sandra's driving skills you'd think you're in a fast and furious movie.
"Bye Lee see you in the evening." Sandra told me as I stepped out of the car. I waved back at her not wanting to waste any second by talking.
I hastily made my way to the 12th floor using the stairs not bothering with the elevator because I was sure it would be crowded and people would be getting in and out on each floor.
"Lisa you're late but it's okay at least it means you slept well last night." Nancy told me smiling at me. Sometimes she's weird. Or is it normal for someone to smile when they're meant to be pissed? Or am I the weird one?
"I'm sorry let's just get started my shift started already." I told her sitting opposite her across the wide conference table.
And that's how my day started. Sandra gave me a short briefing because my shift started and I knew my rounds already. But we had to follow hospital procedures.
I was currently on my way to the nursery to check on the babies. I just talked to Jess and she told me 'Mr Reed' asked if I was at work yesterday and she told him no. She was right though because I hadn't clocked in at that time.
I'm still scared of having to see him again. I don't know what I'd do or how I'd react. Why is he also looking for me? I thought me not showing up at work would give him a hint that I don't want to see him or talk to him. He's a bad influence on my nightmares. They've reduced but I still have mild ones but I'm hundred percent sure if I spend more than two minutes in the same room with Nathan they would hit me full force.
I got to the nursery finally after a long ass walk of thinking, bumping into people and murmuring tons of apologies. I sighed at the heavenly sound.
I quickly say hi to Brie and make my way to the angel at the back who happens to be the only one that can make me smile even though she doesn't know it.
I learnt her name is normani from her parents. They named her after her paternal grandmother who died a week before her birth.
"Hey cutie." I coo at her while tickling her sides making her giggle with drool coming out of her mouth. I quickly use the baby napkin at her side and wipe her mouth. I'm not allowed to carry her or any nursery baby for that matter. Only nursery nurses carry them to avoid microorganism transfer which can lead to complications as they are still infants.

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