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Sunday, 21 October 2018


So I just play with her from beside the cot. I tickle her and make funny faces which makes her giggle a lot before she starts yawning. I smile softly and start to rock her cot gently from side to side and also hum a nursery rhyme. She's out in few minutes and I move on to other babies cooing at them and petting them to sleep then I stare at their angelic sleeping form.
This goes on for a few more hours before its time for lunch. I leave for the cafeteria since I promised to have lunch with Jess.
"Hey Lee over here." Jess said waving me over to where she was seating and guess who was with her. Our 'cute' doctor Andre. *note the sarcasm*
"Hey Lisa, Hi Andre." I greeted as I take my seat at the table. Why are they eating together and when did they become friends? Seems like I missed a lot of details in just three days.
"Hey Lisa how are you? Tried calling you a few times but it didn't go through. Just wanted to say hi and hear your voice." Andre told me smiling brightly at me.
Talk about awkward when Jess clears her throat and I see her shift uncomfortably in her seat. I smile back at Andre.
"I've been good thank you. I took some days off as Jess told you. I wanted to call you back but I've been trying to keep up with work I missed and it's been stressful. Sorry"
"Its fine. Thought as much. So you're good now?"
"Yes thank you" then we fell into silence eating our lunch. But the silence was far from comfortable. My eyes were glued to my food but I could feel Andre's eyes on me the whole time and Jessica's eyes on Andre. Why is she looking at him so much? Does she like him?
We all finished eating around the same time or rather I finished eating and they stopped fiddling with their food but no one commented on it. We fell into an easy conversation discussing hospital stuff till our break was over.
We were leaving the cafeteria when Andre stopped me by holding my arm asking for a minute but Jess left since she was stationed at the front desk. She couldn't waste a second.
"So what's up" I asked him when we were outside the cafeteria.
"U-um I just wanted to know if the date you proposed is still on." He asked scratching the back of his head and looking over my head nervously.
I chuckled at his nervous act. "Yes it is. I asked remember. I've been busy but I'll give you a call soon to fix a date."
He looked at me then smiled.
"Okay thanks. See you around Lisa." And with that he left.
I stared at his retreating figure for a while before going to check on Ashley. I've been trying so hard to avoid Nathan so I found out the time he usually comes to visit Ashley and I stay away from the room or even the hallway to avoid bumping into him.
Now I am currently in the nurse's office/room thinking of what to do with the few hours I have left before my shift ends. I decide to call my Mom.
"Hey mom." I say into the phone as soon as she picks the call.
"Hey honey how have you been." She squeals at me.
"I've been good. How are you and dad?"
"We're okay. So any hunky Mr?" My mom asked me and I'm pretty sure she wiggled her brows even though she knows I can't see her.
"Eww mom no hunky Mr! I wonder why dad let's you watch telemundo series. You're seeing a lot for your age." I told her trying to hold in my laugh but it comes out anyways.
My mom gasps dramatically and I roll my eyes ( I do a lot of eye rolling don't judge there's a lot in this world that you need to roll your eyes for)
"Little girl did you just call me old?"
I chuckle but don't reply before she speaks again.
David your daughter just called me old." My mom told my dad and the line goes silent before my dad's thick voice comes on the phone.
"Hey love." My dad tells me but I can hear him arguing with my mom in the background.
"Hey daddy. How are you?"
"I'm good dear but very soon I'll be losing my head with the way your mom is glaring at me" "she's telling me to tell you she's not old and she's very much in her prime. Her words not mine." He said sighing.
"Okay dad. I know she is." I told my dad because I know my mom can starve my dad if he didn't deliver her message.
"So how have you been dear and when are you coming over here?" My dad asked me.
"I've been great and I don't know when I'll come over but I'll let you know."
"Okay love. Your mom still wants to talk to you because she's whispering 'givee the phone' over and over in my free ear."
"Okay dad. Bye talk to you later. Love you." I told him laughing.
"Love you too Angel. See you soon." My dad told me before my mom's voice came back up.
"So..." My mom asked me dragging out the word. I already knew where this conversation was headed but I wanted her to ask first
"So any guy? I know there's something you're not telling me."
"I'm not trying to hide anything from you mom. There's just no hunky Mr. But there's a doctor..." She doesn't let me finish and cuts me off.
"Oooh... A doctor. I bet he's sexy and hunky too."
"Mom why." I groaned but it quickly turned to laughter when I heard my dad reminding her she's a married woman.
"So as I was saying there's a doctor but we're not seeing each other so don't go getting high hopes but I kinda asked him out on a date..." And she cuts me off again.
"Oh my baby is coming back to me." She said through the phone.
"Mom can you let me finish and stop cutting me off. Or I'll not tell you anything." I told her getting frustrated.
"Sorry dear. I was just so excited go on."
"So I asked him because he asked me out on a coffee date and I was rude so I brought up this date to accompany my apology." I finally concluded leaving out Nathan coming back.
"Oh dear that's good. Not the being rude part but its good you apologized. And you have to do something nice for him."
"Okay mom. Gotta go duty calls. I'll call you later. Love you mom and dad." I know my dad is still in on the call.
"Bye princess. We love you too." They say in unison before the line goes dead.
I put my phone back into my locker and leave the office. I really don't know why I have so much free time. I still have less than two hours before my shift ends. I do one more round check up to waste time.
I'm currently in the hallway talking to doctor Alex. He's like my closest doctor friend in the hospital and I can talk to him about anything. So were talking about the surgery I have tomorrow. He tells me he'll be where the doctors stay to watch.
It's an important surgery and even though I'm not a major nurse in the surgery I still can't mess up.
We just finished talking and Dr Alex left for his office. I was just about to turn back to the nurse's office when an all too familiar voice calls my name making me freeze.
"Lisa please can we talk. Just give me a few minutes p-please I'm begging you. Just hear me out first." The person begs with a pained and breaking voice.

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