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Saturday, 27 October 2018


I wash my hands with soap and rinse off with water before kicking the operating room door open with my foot. I use a sterile hand towel to wipe the water away before taking my position at the side of the operating room. Dr Gina comes in a few minutes later with the other doctors assisting in the surgery and I help them dress up before returning to my position.
The surgery soon kicks off and the doctors and assisting nurses get to work. I help wipe the sweat from the doctors foreheads with a clean handkerchief to prevent it from dripping into the patient and creating complications.
"We're losing her!" One of the assisting nurses shouts suddenly and everyone goes into alert mode as people started moving around. Doctors speeding up to remove the baby and stable the mother. She's losing a lot of blood and they quickly bring in blood bags that match her blood type and hook her up pumping it into her full force. She can't be injected because it would conflict with the anaesthetic she was given and could affect the baby.
I'm then assigned to monitor the patient's heartbeat coming out in waves on the monitor screen. It wasn't coming out in a straight line but it also wasn't normal. After a while it returned to normal and I looked up to give the feedback just in time to hear the loud cry of a baby.
"Its a boy!" Dr Gina exclaimed happily handing the baby to one of the nurses present in the room before stepping back for the other doctor to finish up the surgery by stitching up the patient.
I stood back and watched because my job here was done but I couldn't leave till the surgery was over. The doctors stitched and the nurses cleaned the patient and dressed her in fresh hospital gown before the surgery was declared over.
I waited for all the doctors to leave before leaving for my floor and the nurses room.
I got there and changed my scrubs to my nurse's outfit and made myself comfortable on the couch in the corner. I didn't have to work till after lunch break. I had the free time because of the surgery that was just concluded.
I sat down idly and resorted to thinking since I had nothing to do. I thought about calling Nathan. I tried to make up my mind about talking to him but it proved harder than I imagined. My head was saying one thing but my heart seemed to be saying another. And I couldn't quite decide which I wanted to follow. After a long ass debate between my head and heart with me in the middle waiting for them to finish my head finally stepped down for my heart to take over.
I get up and move to my locker for my phone before settling back on the couch and bringing out the cards Nathan gave me I dialed his private cell number. Don't ask me why I didn't call his office, I don't know why myself.
My phone vibrates on my lap telling me he picked and I clear my throat before putting it to my ear.
"Mr Reed speaking..." He said on the other end. Hmmm... Professional I like that! Focus Lisa! The voices in my head screamed since my heart was clearly in control.
"Uhm... Hi Nathan its Lisa." I told him and paused for his response.
"Hi Lisa. Nice hearing your voice."
"Yh... So I just got out of the surgery..." I said and stopped. And there goes the awkward silence. It was silent for 2, 5, 10 minutes, I don't even know. But nobody said anything for a while but listen to each others breathing over the phone. Seems like I'm not the only nervous one. When I couldn't take it anymore I decided to speak up. And what did I say...
"U-um s-sorry for calling you. This is clearly bad timing. I'm sure you're busy, I don't know what I was thinking...." I said nervously planning to cut the phone but he cut me off.
"No Lisa! Don't hang up please. I thought you had something to say since you called first so I waited before talking." He said.
"Are you calling about the talk?" He asked me.

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