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Monday, 29 October 2018


"Yes. I think I'm ready to hear what you have to say. I think I deserve an explanation after all these years." I croak out breathing in deeply. God! Fuck the tears!
"Okay pick a date and I'll make it. I'm so sorry Lisa. I didn't mean to hurt you." He says.
"Saturday, 12'oclock, Giovanni's café." I quickly replied and cut the call before he starts apologising and brings out the tears I'm trying to hold in.
I take a deep shaky breath to steady myself and lay back down on the couch and close my eyes with the hope of resting for a few minutes which unfortunately turned to hours.
I stirred in my sleep while trying to adjust my bum which was numb from the position I was sleeping in. Why am I sleeping on the couch when my bed is way more comfortable. Then it registered; I'm in the hospital.
"Oh shit!" I cursed and got up from the couch rubbing my sleepy eyes awake and straightening my dress before keeping my phone and leaving the room. Thankfully no one noticed my absence or so I thought.
"Lisa I've been looking everywhere for you! Where have you been surgery ended hours ago." Dr Alex told me dragging my arm gently towards his office.
"Sorry I was in the ladies room. I had a stomach upset which had me in there for a while." I lied hoping he doesn't notice my red eyes from sleeping.
Instead he smiled down at me and said. "Yeah I know surgery does that to you. Do you know the first time I assisted in a surgery I almost puked on the patient when I saw the blood gushing out from the cut and then...." There goes the talk. I mentally rolled my eyes and followed him into his office when he held the door open for me.
"Sit down Lisa." He told me taking a seat behind his desk and I followed suit.
"You wanted to see me?" I meant it as a statement but it came out as a question.
He cleared his throat before speaking up. "Yes you know Ashley will get checked out on Friday right and you will have less work..." He said and I rose an eyebrow at him not quite understanding the direction this conversation was going but not wanting to interrupt at the same time.
"So there is this event more like a charity ball to raise money for a new orphanage affiliated with hospitals not the government and its mainly for doctors but obviously the rich men will be there and I want you to go." He told me rushing the last part that I almost didn't hear.
"No way Alex I'm not going. You of all people know I hate these social events. I'm socially awkward!" I whined.
"Yes I know but we need someone to go. I need someone to go from this section and I couldn't think of anyone else. You don't have to talk to anybody just make an appearance." He told me with pleading eyes.
"Okay but what are you not telling me?" I asked because its like a habit for people to tell me things in bit.
"You will be going with a doctor from therapy." He told me smiling sheepishly.
"Who?" I asked not liking the direction of this one bit.
"Dr Andre." He said. Fuck my life! Can't I get a break.
"No freaking way Alex. You know I don't associate closely with therapist." I told him leaving out the part of actually knowing Andre.
"Yes I know but you never told me the reason in our five years of being friends and you have to go with a doctor from therapy or me but Jenny is due in two months and that's the month of the ball." He told me in frustration and I felt bad for him. His wife has been having complications and she was called in for an caesarian section next month. Alex and I go way back to our college days. I met him in college and he asked me out but I didn't like him that way and I wasn't ready for a relationship. I'm still not ready for a relationship. So he took what I could offer and settled as my friend. We actually found out friendship was the best option when he found his soulmate Jenny and they got married soon after college graduation.
"You know its a sore topic for me and I don't like talking about it. Okay I'll go just take care of Jenny." I agreed sighing deeply. Seems like I'm not destined for breaks.
"Thanks Lisa." He tells me with a beaming smile on his stressed face. I smile back and make up my mind to go if that's what it takes to make him happy.
I leave his office and make my way to the nursery to check on my little angel that never fails to light up my mood.
"Hey Brie where is Normani?" I ask when I find her bed in the corner empty.
"Her parents took her home this morning." She told me while changing the diaper of a baby across the room.
I shrugged and moved on to another baby and started playing with him making him let out soft giggles and talk baby gibberish.
I played with him for a couple more hours before leaving for the reception to say hi to Jessica.
We talked for a while and I helped her with her work before leaving her for Ashley's room.
I knocked and entered when I heard a barely audible whisper to come in.
"Shhh" Ashley told me placing one of her fingers on her tiny lips and pointing to the corner of the room with her other hand where Mrs Felipe was sleeping peacefully. I chuckled silently and made my way over to her bed and sat in the chair beside the bed.
"Hey princess how are you." I whispered rubbing her cheek with my thumb which made her beam at me and whisper 'fine' back at me.
We just sat there talking about princesses and castles or rather whispering about them.
"Lee I'm going home on Friday." She tells me smiling.
"I know princess and I'll miss you." I told her sighing dramatically.
She giggles at my fake act. "I'll miss you too Lee but you can come see me."
"I'll try but you must also visit me here okay?" I ask her holding out my pinky finger to her which she locks with her own.
We talk for a few more hours before my shift ends and by this time she's sleeping already. I kiss her forehead and adjust her blanket over her body before quietly leaving the room. I grab my purse and phone and make my way to the conference room for briefing with Nancy. I quickly run through today's events with her and hand her the folders before saying goodbye and leaving the hospital for the parking lot.
"Sandra please can we make a quick stop at the diner. I'm so hungry." I tell her when we drive out.
"No problem what do you want?" She asks me when we are close to it.
I tell her my order and she jumps out of the car while leaving it running for me since I decided to remain in the car. She comes out a couple of minutes later holding two bags with the food and sets them on the floor in the back before getting into the drivers side and reversing out of their parking space.
We get home and I take a quick shower and eat before falling asleep on the couch over the little food remaining in my plate. I feel Sandra moving me out of the way and clearing my plates but I'm too tired to care. Next thing I feel a blanket being thrown over me and I snuggle into its warmth before fully losing myself to the clutches of sleep.

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