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Wednesday, 31 October 2018


I drive into the parking lot of the café and turn off the car. I grab my hat from the seat beside me before tugging it on my head and getting out of the car with my purse and phone. Its just 12 noon but the sun sits high up in the sky and burns the hell out out my skin.
I decided to drive today because it is a Saturday and Saturday's are lazy days for Sandy. I didn't want to bother her to drive me when I could drive myself. I just hope I'm able to drive back home after this little chat with Nathan.
I quickly make my way into the café and look round hoping to spot Nathan already here. It would totally suck having to wait for him. I take a deep breath when I find him sitting at a booth by the window with his back to the door so he doesn't notice my entry. I look to his hands on the table and find him wringing them together showing he's nervous.
I release my breath and take in another before walking over to the table. He looks up when he notices a figure beside him and tenses but quickly relaxes. I sit opposite him at the table.
"Hi." I say placing my purse and phone on the table and taking off my hat placing it on the space beside me. I place my hands on my lap under the table and quickly start playing with the threads of the ripped jeans I'm wearing. My palms are sweaty and clammy and I wipe them on my jeans before resuming my play with the threads.
"Lisa I'm glad you could make it. Do you want anything?" He asks me and I turn my attention from my hands to him.
"No thanks... I already ate but a bottle of water will be fine." I say to him and he motions the waiter over ordering two bottles of water. We wait in silence for our order to arrive. And I return to playing with my hands. I couldn't look at Nathan for too long, it hurts. Maybe after this talk I'll get the closure I need. I hope.
"Lisa the water is here" Nathan says waving his hand in my face to bring me out of my train of thought.
"Oh thanks." I look up and grab mine from the table taking a long gulp and returning the cap before setting the bottle back on the table. Nathan doesn't even touch his water and I point to it but he just shrugs.
"So where do we start from?" Nathan asks me resuming the wringing of his hands.
"The beginning is always the best place to start." I reply him.
"Okay here we go... so that day... My mom called me and I couldn't take the call there because I was grounded. Not from phone but from leaving the house and going to parties. She traveled to China that day and promised to call when she got there. I went to the toilet in Luke's room to take her call so she wouldn't hear the music. We talked for quite some time then I lied about wanting to go to bed so I could hang up. She believed me and ended the call and I put my phone on silent and returned back to the party only to...." He trailed off clenching his hands in fists till his knuckles turned white. I could see clearly that this affected him but not as much as it did me.
".... Only to find Cole on top of you with your clothes torn and I was shocked. I didn't know what to do. I was temporarily paralyzed. My mind was racing but my body couldn't move. I didn't expect them to do that to you. I'm so sorry. I thought I could leave you with them since they were my best friends. I didn't think they would hurt you." By this time tears were running down our faces but we didn't bother wiping them.
"Why didn't you help me Nathan. Why? I called you multiple times but you just stood there watching. I thought you were embarrassed by me that you didn't want anything to do with me anymore. It hurt like hell Nathan." I sobbed out furiously wiping at the tears on my face only for them to come out more and I gave up and just let them fall freely. No point trying to control it.
"I'm sorry Lisa. I was paralyzed temporarily. I heard you call but I couldn't get my body to move to help you. And then you ran out. By the time I regained myself you were gone. I ran after you but I couldn't find you then I ran back to the party." He explained but I wasn't fully convinced.

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