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Monday, 1 October 2018


"Why? She is supposed to be checked out today. She's improved." I asked her wondering why she said just yet.
"She was okay until last night. She developed a fever and she was burning up pretty bad so the doctor on duty said to keep her in the hospital for a few more days till the fever goes away." She concluded.
"Oh" was all I could say. Ashley was doing good when I left her yesterday. She showed no signs of fever yesterday. Or maybe I missed it. I was upset at this because I never missed things. I was always observant.
"That would be all. See you in the evening bye." Nancy said standing up from her chair and left the conference room.
I got up after some minutes picking up the folders and left for the wards.
"Look who decided to check on us today babies." One of the nursery nurses said as I stepped in.
"We all thought you forgot about us in here. Right babies?" They all babbled as if in agreement.
"How can I forget you all. I've been busy with work. You know how it is Brie."
"Of course I do. Being a nurse is a pain in the butt. But its what puts food on our tables. Working with kids helps to relieve the stress." She told me.
I moved round playing with kids and hearing their cute giggles till I found a very cute one in the corner and settled to play with her. She had very beautiful green eyes that draws you in.
"She's very cute huh. She was one of the babies brought in yesterday from gynaecology." Brie said to me.
"Seeing these babies everyday just makes me want to marry any available man and get pregnant but I just happen to be a hopeless romantic waiting for my soulmate." Brie continued which made me laugh.
I stayed in the nursery till it was time to meet with Dr Gina and I took the stairs to gynaecology section since it was the floor just above my own. I never exercised so a little running around would do me a great deal of good.
"Come in." I heard from the other side of the door after delivering three consecutive knocks. I went in and shut the door behind me.
"Dr Alex said you wanted to see me."
"Yes. Just a moment take a seat." Dr Gina told me concentrating on whatever it is she was doing on her computer. I sat there waiting patiently before she spoke up.
"So I wanted to ask if you'd be willing to assist in surgery next Wednesday just on the sidelines as the doctor's assistant?" She asked me her attention away from her computer and on me.
I had assisted a couple of times since I volunteered at the section.
"Of course I wouldn't mind. What do I need to know?" I asked her.
She then went on to brief me details about the surgery. Even though I was going to be on the sideline I had to be prepared in case of an emergency.
We spent about an hour and thirty minutes discussing the details of the surgery before she finally dismissed me.
"That would be all. See you next Wednesday at 9." She told me smiling and with that I left her office.
It was two o'clock and I had free time since I used my lunch break for the meeting with Dr Gina. I decided to call Andre to apologize for my behavior the previous day. I couldn't stop thinking about how rude I was and I felt it was the right thing to call and apologize.
"Hi Andre it's Lisa." I said into the phone.
"Hi Lisa. How have you been."
"I've been great thank you. About yesterday I wanted to apologize for my rude comment. I didn't mean to come across as rude."
"It's fine. You didn't have to." He told me.
"So to back up my apology I'd like to buy you dinner on one of these days that's if you want to." I said. Wait what did I just do? I just asked the doctor out on a date. I clearly wasn't thinking but I couldn't take it back his voice already sounded brighter.
"Really... Yeah sure. Whenever you're ready." And with that the line went dead. A dinner date couldn't be that bad I said to make myself feel better about it.
At least it would make my mom totally happy to hear I was finally going out on a date and I was even the one who asked the guy out first.
I checked my watch and made my way towards Ashley's room. It was time to meet her dad. I already checked her in the morning before heading to the nursery and she told me her dad was coming in by four that I had to come and meet him. I couldn't say no to the little girl besides I wanted to tell her father what a smart and extremely cute daughter he had.
I got to the door of Ashley's room and knocked on the door. I could hear laughter from inside and Ashley's childish giggles that never failed to make me smile.
I opened the door and stepped in closing the door shut behind me before focusing on the duo in front of me but I wasn't prepared for this kind of surprise.
I looked up my eyes making contact with the gorgeous pair of blue eyes that always left me weak. What's he doing here? No this can't be happening! He can't be here! He can't be. I kept on saying repeatedly to myself.
Ashley just stared at me confused before she smiled and said the words that brought my world crumbling before me.
"Lee you're here finally. This is my daddy." She said pointing in the direction of Nathan. How did I not realize this before. I was so stupid.
It was as if all the pieces of a hard puzzle started falling into their right places. The blue eyes, the lips, the no surname in her file. The nanny everything just fit and it was as if a door of understanding had been open in my mind.
She was Nathan Reed's daughter. Ashley Reed. Oh my God!
"Nathan..." I whispered in a barely audible voice. Saying his name alone made my heart feel like a heavy weight was placed on it. It was coming back. Everything. That night.
"Lisa... W-what are you doing here?" He asked me saying my name. His expression looked shocked.
"Daddy you know Lisa?" Little Ashley asked her dad obviously confused as to what was going on in the room but I wasn't paying attention to their conversation.
I just had to leave the room. I just had to. I couldn't take it anymore. I couldn't breath. I couldn't see anything. The tears were clouding my vision. I left the room quickly and headed for the exit grabbing my bag and jacket along the way. I knew I had to leave the hospital even though I didn't know where I was going because I couldn't drive in this state.
All I could think of was Nathan Reed was back and he was Ashley's father.

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