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Tuesday, 9 October 2018


~Nancy at the top
"Hey Lisa." Jess said in a high pitched tone as soon as I stepped out of the elevator to my section "you're back. Missed talking to you. Hope you're feeling better you still look a little pale do you need to rest? Do you need more days off. Nancy can do your rounds. Have you eaten?..."
What's it with people and trying to bombard me with questions. Do I look like a programmed machine that could answer a million questions at once.
"I'm fine jess. Really thanks for caring. Three days is enough time to take care of myself." I replied her a small smile plastered on my face.
"Ok cool. Glad that you're feeling better and also that cute doctor from therapy came looking for you but I told him you took some days off. I guessed you wouldn't want him knowing you were sick."
"Thanks Jess and why do you keep calling him cute."
"Because that's just what he is. I can call him pretty too but it's girly. Cute is a unisex word."
Unisex word. I laughed at that. It sure is a 'unisex word'. I left the reception area making my way towards the conference room for briefing. Nancy was already there waiting for me.
She smiled when she saw me.
"Hey there... Welcome back. We all missed you around here. Even little Ashley rejected all nurses saying she wanted only you. Dr Alex had to treat her himself."
"Missed you all too. It feels good to be back." I said to her thinking direct opposite of what I said.
"So you're not going to get a lot of rounds. Just nursery, general rounds and Ashley. Since I stepped in for you another nurse took up my night rounds there's not much work to do." She said to me smiling warmly.
"Thanks Nancy." I stood up picking up the Ashley's folder from the table and left the conference room for the nurses' office to take a look at the folder and gather my jumbled thoughts for work.
I mentally arranged my rounds. Nursery first. Ashley last. I would have a lot of free time considering I had just three rounds. I wondered what I was going to do with that much time. Maybe call my mom?
"Hey Lisa how are you? Heard you took some days off. Hope you're okay now?" Brie asked me as soon as I stepped into the nursery.
I didn't know I had so many people that cared about me.
"I'm better now thanks."
I moved to the back of the nursery to my little cutie with green eyes. She squealed loudly as soon as she saw me making me laugh. I played with her for a while until it was lunch break.
"Nurse Lisa over here." I looked up to see Ashley's nanny motioning me over to where she was sitting at the table. I moved over there with my tray of food and sat down opposite her. There was no food in front of her. She was just seating at the table.
"Morning ma'am." I greeted politely.
"Oh shoo. You can call me Joanne. Ma'am makes me feel old."
"Okay Joanne." I repeated trying to know if I was comfortable calling her that. She sensed my discomfort because she added.
"... Or Mrs Felipe. I see you're not comfortable with Joanne."
"That's better." I told her picking up my fork to start filling my angry stomach.
"So are you okay?" She asked me.
"Sorry I don't understand..."
"Heard from the lady at the reception that you took some days off from work so I asked if you were okay..." She asked me looking at me closely as if trying to see my brain through my head.

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