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Thursday, 11 October 2018


"Oh I'm better thank you." I shifted under her intense gaze on me.
I picked up the fork to continue eating when her next words stopped my action.
"You know Ashley told me what happened." I froze the fork still in my hand as I looked up at her slowly.
"W-what..." I stuttered.
"Sorry if I'm intruding but Ashley tells me everything. She's like a granddaughter to me. She told me her daddy knows you and how you both were shocked to see each other. She's a smart kid she thinks beyond her age. And I saw your picture once while cleaning Nathan's office but I didn't quite remember until now. Seems you both were close."
I hummed not knowing how to reply to that. Nathan kept my picture in his office? From what she said it was obvious she lived with Nathan because she also cleaned. I was tempted to ask about Ashley's mother but I refrained from doing that since it was none of my business.
"Lisa can you hear me? Are you okay." Joanne told me waving her hand in my face.
"Yh I'm okay was just a lil bit shocked."
"Sorry if I made you upset didn't mean to. I noticed from the bags under your eyes that you cried and didn't get enough sleep so I wanted to find out if you were okay. I really don't know anything about your past with Nathan." She told me worry evident in her tone.
"Its no big deal. You caught me off guard. Sorry but do you live with Nathan?" Saying his name alone was saddening.
"Yeah I live in their house with my husband. My husband drives Nathan when he's in the country. We're the only two staff of the house. He doesn't like seeing too many people."
Honestly I would be lying if I said I wasn't shocked. Nathan Reed doesn't like seeing too many people meaning he's reserved. This is clearly not the Nathan I knew back in high school. The ladies man. The Heartbreaker. I was dumbfounded.
"Are you okay Lisa. You seem to go off a lot." Joanne looked at me worriedly.
I let out an awkward giggle. "I'm fine another surprise there" " I do know Nathan. I knew him in high school but I'd rather we not discuss that chapter of my life right now. I'm sorry if that upsets you."
"Its okay. I'm the one that should apologize to you for being nosy and forward. I'm sorry I wouldn't bring it up again. I just wanted to see how you were doing." She replied looking down at the table embarrassed.
"Its alright ma'am. You were just looking out for me and I appreciate that. Thank you." I told her with a soft smile trying to ease the tension in the air.
I was about to ask how Ashley was doing since I haven't seen her in days when my phone rang. I checked the caller ID as I stood up to leave the table abandoning the food I barely touched.
"Sorry I have to leave. I have to take this call." I smiled while standing up and leaving the cafeteria. The call wasn't all that important but I didn't like taking calls in front of people and I really had to get away before the dark threads of that awkward tension wrap around my neck blocking off air and suffocating me.
"Hey Sandra what's up." I said into the phone when I stepped out of the cafeteria.
"Lee you finally answered your phone. Jesus, Mary and Joseph I've been calling you for ages...." She shouted into the phone but I didn't wait for her to finish before moving the phone a safe distance from my ear. I'm not ready to go deaf. Maybe after Nathan apologizes but not right now.
"So what's the purpose of your call?" I asked her cutting off her continuous rant.
"Really Lisa. Anyway come out. I'm in the parking lot and I've been here for close to an hour waiting for your crazy ass to pick up the goddamn pho...." I cut the call rolling my eyes. She sure knew how to talk someone's ear off.

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