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Saturday, 13 October 2018


I grabbed my purse and headed towards the elevator to get to the ground floor and parking lot.
I banged the window by the driver's door to get her to unlock the car for me before going round to get in the passenger side.
"Hey girl!" She squealed as if seeing me for the first time.
"Don't hey me. I leave my car with you for one day and you want the poor speakers to explode from the loud music. Really sandy I could hear you from the hospital's entrance." Okay I was probably exaggerating but really I could feel the 'boom' vibration of the speakers in the car.
She quickly turned down the music muttering a sheepish 'sorry' before changing the gear and reversing out of the parking lot.
"So where are we going because its not normal for you to show up at the hospital during lunch break."
"I'm taking you out for lunch." She told me taking a quick glance at me before turning her attention back to the road.
"What's the occasion?" I knew there was more to this so called lunch date so I brought up the conversation while we were eating.
"No occasion just a lunch date between two girlfriends on a beautiful and sunny afternoon." She replied smiling stupidly and I glared at her. Clearly she knew I wasn't buying it because she continued.
"Okay I got a job finally as an assistant to Denis Varvodic." I gave the 'who the fudge is he' look not really in the mood to curse or use the 'f' word.
"He's from Croatia and he's a big figure in the fashion world. He's a model for Versace and he's based here in the States and I get to be his assistant."
"Go on there's more..." I tell her because knowing Sandra she gives gist like she's feeding you bread crumbs which is annoying but being the patient one I'm pretty used to it.
"How do you always do that?" She whines but I just stare at her forehead as if drilling holes and she breaks.
"Wellll.... I'm not his assistant directly but I'm his assistant's assistant. Isn't that cool. I mean I get to work with the guy who works with him directly and who knows maybe I get to be his assistant one day." She told me sighing dreamily.
I loved times like this because I get to be mischievous. I lifted my fingers and flicked her forehead harder than intended. Ouch!
"Ouch what was that for?" She glared at my smirking face.
"To bring you back to earth because clearly you went to Jupiter." I told her smirking.
"But that was painful." She rubbed her forehead with a sad pout.
"I'm sorry. My hand was overly excited. I'll try to control the impact next time."
"Don't even try to flick my forehead ever again, you chicken poop"
I was sure my face drained of colour because she was trying so hard to contain the laughter but it ended up coming out before she bent forward laughing so hard that people looked towards our table and I smiled shyly before looking at the giggling human in front of me.
"Sandra stop laughing you're bringing a lot of attention to us." I said through my teeth.
"I'm sorry I couldn't help it. The look on your face was priceless when I called you chicken poop."
The waiter then showed up with our bill as if telling us our time was up. It was no problem as I had to get back to work. We paid and left the restaurant.
"So when do you resume and where is the office" I asked her on the drive back to the hospital.
"I resume in a week. Denis is out of the country with his assistant so I resume when they get back and the office is not so far from the hospital so I was kinda.. Uh... Kinda.." She stammered.
"Just spit it out.. Kinda what?"
"So I was kinda thinking I could live with you till I'm settled and get my own place to stay. Please"
I knew there was more to this lunch date. I was just waiting for the last part. "Of course you can stay with me. You're my family." I told her stepping out of the car when she parked at the hospital.
She quickly jumped out and ran to the other side enveloping me in a bone crushing hug saying thank you and many sweet rubbish and planting annoying kisses on my face.
"You're welcome but I really have to get to work now Sandra my shift started already." I told her before she finally released me promising to come pick me up at closing. I wasn't ready to drive because I was always lost in thought.
The rest of my day went by slowly but I was used to it. I went on my other rounds including Ashley. Thankfully her dad and nanny were nowhere in sight. She ran to me immediately I stepped into the room and I had no idea how much I missed her till I saw her cute little self.
We talked for a while with her telling me about the school her dad told her she would be attending when she turned 5 which is in a few months. We played a few games before my shift ended and I promised her I'd see her tomorrow.
I was thankful she didn't ask me about my relationship with her dad because I had no idea what my reply would be. How do you tell a 4yr old that her dad's friend raped you and he stood there watching? Right no freaking way!
Sandra was already waiting at the parking lot for me when I got out and I smiled when I saw my car parked outside. She is so happy I let her stay with me that if I ask her to get me a rainbow from the sky she'd probably get it. I got in and she drove my tired body home.
A/N: don't we all just want a peep into Nathan's head to see what he's thinking. Next chapter in Nathan's POV. Thanks for reading!!!

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