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Monday, 15 October 2018


Nathan's office
Nathan's POV
Lisa works at vedic. Wow! What a way to welcome me back to the States! I was so shocked to see her I didn't even know what to say to her.
A lot of emotions were running through me in that time span of 2 minutes that she was in Ashley's room. Ashley told me about a nurse that she liked called Lee but I thought she was Chinese living in US. I didn't think I would see Lisa again or that she'd be a nurse. She has always been the quiet type but we never really talked about college majors.
I clearly didn't see this one coming. I could still remember the look on her face when she saw me. She paled instantly and a look of horror flashed across her face. I saw the various emotions she was feeling through her eyes. I saw anger, pain, disgust, shock amongst others.
But the one that stuck with me the most; I saw a hint of love but it disappeared as quickly as it appeared. Does Lisa still love me? Can she still love me? I thought I was never going to see her again but you never know what 'fate' has in store for you.
"Sir where to?" Dijon asked me. He is my driver but he's elderly. He and his wife are all the staff I need in my home. I hate seeing too many people it confuses my thinking. His wife is Ashley's nanny and our housekeeper. They're very diligent and honest and I'm very grateful that they work for me but I can't tell them that. They're my staff I pay them but I say thank you from time to time and give them a raise when I want to.
"To the hospital Dijon." I told him sighing heavily and settling into my seat. Dijon looked at me worriedly in the rearview mirror before focusing on the road. They both knew I haven't been myself in days but they don't have the courage to ask. I know they know what's going on because Ashley tells Joanne everything and Joanne tells her husband everything. As long as they don't bother me with questions I don't mind if they know or not.
"Sir we're here." Dijon told me while sliding out of his driver's seat to open the door for me bringing me out of my thoughts. I've been doing a lot of that lately and I've not been able to concentrate on work.
Its frustrating and I wish I can just talk to Lisa just for a few minutes to clear things out a bit but she's been avoiding me. I know that or how else do you explain her running out of the ward and not showing up at work for the past three days? Its Monday today and still nobody has seen her. She has every right to be angry and hurt. I know I failed her and its been 10 years but I just need a few minutes to iron things out. She's not the only one who is hurting. I am too.
I got out of the car and made my way towards the entrance with Dijon following silently behind me. We got into the elevator and Dijon pressed the button for the 12th floor which was the paediatrics section for children.
The elevator makes a ping sound and the receptionist looked up from her desk smiling brightly at me as I made my way towards the front desk. She was cute and had some flesh in all the right places. Maybe if I wasn't so into Lisa I'd have given her a second look. But I dropped my heartbreaking habits so many years ago. She changed me but she doesn't know that.
"Morning Mr Reed... How may I help you this morning." The cute receptionist said in a highly tiny and flirty tone.
'You can help by not flirting with me.' I internally rolled my eyes.
"Morning. I wanted to ask if Miss Palmer showed up to work today" I didn't want to call her Lisa even though I wanted to. God I'm a confused being right now!
"No sir she hasn't signed in yet. I'm sorry" she told me and my little hope of seeing her today was once again crushed. I gave a quick nod and muttered a small thank you before making my way towards Ashley's room.

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