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Wednesday, 17 October 2018


I'm pissed that my little princess is in the hospital but there's no one to blame for that. I clearly can't blame the Felipe's. Joanne told me it was an accident and she was crying so hard I couldn't be mad at her. I heard laughter coming from the room as I got closer and I heard my baby's cute giggles that always made me smile and lift my spirits.
The circumstances of her conception and birth wasn't all that pleasant but I'd be damned if I said I wasn't grateful for her in my life. She is my princess and everything I do, I do for her. She means the world to me and I'm proud to be both her father and mother figure.
"Daddy!" She squealed bouncing happily on the bed making me chuckle.
"Hey princess... I've missed you even though I saw you yesterday." I kissed her nose ruffling her hair at the same time.
"Missed you too daddy but don't ruffle my hair. Mrs Felipe combed it this morning and said if it ruffles I'll get bugs in it." She said with a pout on her small lips.
"Really?" I asked at the same time glaring at Joanne who was currently hiding behind her husband after saying a quick sorry.
"So Angel I found a perfect elementary school for you when you turn five and are old enough to go to school. So get well soon and heal fast okay. This old man misses you around the house." I told her trying to change the subject giving her the sad puppy look.
"Okay daddy and you're not old." She stated chuckling lightly.
"Whatever you say princess." I replied ruffling her hair again making her send a look that's supposed to be a glare but it just ends up being an awfully cute side look making me laugh.
I spend some more time with her playing her games and watching cartoons on her iPad. She likes doc mcstuffins a lot. She tells me all the time that she wants to be a doctor when she gets into college. She's too young to know her major but I don't interrupt her. I just let her pour out what's in her little mind.
"Ashley baby daddy has to go to work to make a lot of money to buy you cute things but I promise to see you before I go home... Okay?" I asked her.
"Okay daddy. Mrs Felipe says we all need money to survive and I want to survive so go make money." She told me making me smile at her smartness.
"Okay princess and I'll come bearing gifts." I said mimicking Santa's tone making her laugh.
"Bye daddy... I love you."
"I love you more princess. See you soon." I kissed her nose.
I looked to my side to motion for Dijon to follow but he was talking to his wife so I waited not wanting to interrupt. He places a soft kiss on her forehead smiling lovingly at her. I smiled at the cuteness of that act. They may be old but when it comes to love they're so young and it gives people like me hope.
He turns to me and when he noticed I was watching them the whole time color rises to his cheeks and he's blushing. I smile at him and his wife is giggling behind him. He mutters a small apology and leads the way out. I smile at my little princess and nod to Joanne before following Dijon out of the room.
"Sir to the office?" Dijon asked once we were settled in the car and I said a quick yes wondering why he always asks since he has my everyday schedule before typing away on my phone replying to emails. I was my own boss so I could show up to work anytime. I owned a fairly large company and I was doing a pretty good job managing it by myself.
"Good morning Mr Reed. How are you today?" Natalie my assistant asked me as I stepped out of my private elevator at my office floor.
"Morning Natalie. I'm fine thank you." I replied her before she went on briefing me on my schedule, files I have to check, meetings, deals I have to close and handling me my heavenly coffee that helps me start my day.
"Thanks Nat you may go." I dismissed her as I got to my desk. I set the coffee on the table after taking a sip before turning on my computer. I replied a few emails and answered a few calls.
"Mr Reed its time for your 12 o'clock meeting. The board has assembled in conference room 1 and are waiting for you." I stood up grabbing the file for the meeting and leaving my offers with Natalie behind me.
After we were all settled the meeting kicked off with the board members which includes heads of departments briefing me on the happenings in their various sectors. We do this every Monday. I can't monitor my whole company at the same time so the heads of department take care of that and come back to me with arising issues. Generally its boring I can tell you that but its company procedures so I have to endure.
"And that will be all for today Mr Reed." The general supervisor told me bringing me back from my thoughts towards the meeting.
"Okay thank you. Good job guys." I told them standing up and they all stand gathering their things waiting for me to leave first.
And that's how the rest of my day goes with me in and out of meetings, answering emails and phone calls till its time for me to leave. I call Dijon to meet me at the entrance as I pack my suitcase.
"Goodbye Mr Reed. Have a nice night." Natalie told me smiling warmly as I stepped out of my office into her office space.
"Goodnight Nat see you tomorrow." I replied.
The drive to the hospital was short and silent with me thinking the whole ride. I really need to talk to Lisa or I'd go crazy. I'm so unsettled and I'm never confused.
"Hey daddy. You're back!" My princess screamed as soon as I stepped into her room which instantly brought a smile to my face.
"Hey cutie. How are you? Look what I brought you." I told her bringing out the stuffed bear I hid behind me.
"Thanks daddy. I love it." She hugged me and I kissed the mop of hair on her head before setting her back on the bed.
We talked for a little while and ate dinner that Joanne brought from home. She told me her nurse 'Lee' came to see her today and how happy she was to see her.
On my way home from the hospital I couldn't help but feel my hope rise again knowing Lisa resumed work today. It gave me hope that I could still see her tomorrow and she may give me the few minutes I need and that thought helped me sleep that night.
A/N: so Nathan's POV out there! Good or nah?
Please drop your comments below. I don't know I
just wanted you guys to get a sneak peak of
what's in the dude's head. To know what he's
feeling, how he reacted to meeting Lisa and all.
Lisa can't know that. But I guess this would be
the only switched POV's. The book was originally
supposed to be in Lisa's POV only. Bye for now

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