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Tuesday, 2 October 2018


Stars so bright they seemed to burn my eyes. My blood thickened as I swallowed hard to the fact I seemed lost in space. Alone.
Not long before I saw Luke running to me with open arms only for Travis to hit him with a log and just as he was about to stab him with a dagger,
"No!!! Please..don't!!" I cried so loud but it felt as though my voice was gone.
"Stop!!!! Please!! I beg you!!" I heard myself say but Travis only glared at me with eyes as red as scarlet and a mouth drooling blood.
"Gabby!!" He mouthed in a voice that resembled Luke's.
"Gabby! Wake up!" He yelled and I felt myself dive back into the reality that was, I been wrapped up in plain sheets.
"Luke..." I breathed hard.
"You okay? You were screaming in your sleep" he wrapped his arms around me for comfort.
"I'm's just a...a nightmare" I muttered thinking back to the dream.
I wasn't the kind of girl who made a huge deal out of dreams she had but this one gave me the creeps. First, Travis looking all bloody and mad at me, secondly.. He wanted to kill Luke and his voice didn't sound like his at all.
Truth be told, this dream made me question my subconscious self.
" Don't worry, it's all good. I'm here " he assured.
You sure? I know you're here now but when it all falls down...IF it all turns to dust, will you be here?
Thereafter, Luke finally left for work leaving Quinn and I with tons of advice as usual. I felt relieved that at least, everything will come to an end today. For some reason, my instincts are telling me that it's these guys that wanted to hurt me all this while. Ruining my house, sending weird packages and all... They could have just killed me than take my family. This is way too much for me to handle.
"Earth to Gabrielle" Quinn sang as she placed the freshly baked bread in a ceramic plate full of scrambled eggs.
"You gotta stop with this thinking shit. We got the money and we're finally getting them back in one piece..." She smiled warmly like it was such an easy process.
Yes, we got the problem solved. At least. But deep down, I don't think something's right.
"C'mon baby cakes" she ushered me to the dinning where we both munched on our breakfast while waiting for the call.
"Luke said he'd be back late today for some reason I seem to have forgotten" I informed Quinn while stuffing my bag pack with the money.
"So...that means we'll be leaving right now to be back early. I know they said 2pm but best be there early... Y'know they're kidnappers and..."
"Hold on..hold on..hold on, I thought I told you I was instructed to come alone?" I asked sternly.
"Yeah but c'mon, you think I'd let you go out there on your own to deliver money to a bunch of freaks? No Gabby, think again" she responded.
I appreciate the company but in this case, you and I both know that once a murderer tells you to do something, you do it to save your life. I wouldn't want any other person to get harmed for my disobedience.
I took a deep sigh "Listen, I love you but I need you to be here. In case something bad happens or maybe I'm not back before 5pm, call the cops. I wouldn't want to play the rebellious victim here. Please just stay back home. For me. For the boys"
"Look, I know you're afraid of loosing your loved ones but trust me...we don't want to loose you either. Okay, how about this?" She demonstrated as though there was an imagine plan drawn that we had to follow.
"We'll go together.. Bu-u-ut, I'll wait for you in the car, if I wait for about 40 minutes and you guys aren't out yet, I'll check things out befo-o-or calling the cops"
"Just, trust me."
Here we are again, making a tough ass decision .
"Okay fine but please don't let anyone see you while I'm in there " I instructed and just immediately, my phone lit up.
It's message icon vividly popped on the screen and it read:
Drive your ass to Blueseas Baby Warehouse at St. Pete's abandoned church.
Better come alone princess or you'll never see your family again.
Tick... Tock...
"Time to get our bloods back"

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