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Thursday, 4 October 2018


The cold breeze from the weather made me feel somewhat dull as I drove off to the address given to us.
Everyone out the streets had a mark of cheer boldly drawn on their faces as they either sold one or more goods to their customers. Children were racing along the pedestrian walks bumping into strangers and smiling innocently as they apologized.
This was one of the things I hated above all, in my life. Regrets. Blames. Top of it all, Fear. No doubt, I feel as scared as hell that if this doesn't go as planned; I may loose everything I have.
We drove for hours in silence on the road to Blueseas Baby warehouse. I don't know how people could pick such a peaceful place for a stakeout.
Blueseas was known for it's production of baby foods,clothing, a matter of fact, anything a baby needed for proper care. Sadly, it was shut down when the government found a list of embezzlement that has been going on for years.
People said it was a rumor, others confirmed that Mr Lee was framed but hey.. In every rumor there's an atom of truth hidden.
The sound of my phone cut me off my distractive thoughts.
Checking, it seemed to be a different number.
"I see you're close to the warehouse.." The caller informed.
"Y..yes..I am" I responded searching to find a car or something where I could be watched.
Thankfully, Quinn laid low at the backseat of the car.
"Good girl. Now I want you to dispose of your phone in a bin close to the warehouse where you would park your car. Once you do that, get to the church...there's a Blueseas van. Get in it." He ordered.
"But I thought I was meant to..."
"Shut the fuck up! Wanna be a basic bitch now??!" He yelled angrily and I could feel my heart about to leave my chest.
"No! Please, I'm so sorry" I pleaded hesitantly.
"Shut up! Now you do exactly as I say or I kill everyone of 'em right here. You have 10 minutes to do your part princess" he threatened before dropping the dial.
"What's wrong?" Quinn asked worriedly as she noticed the uncontrollable tears than ran down my wearisome eyes.
"Nothing. Let's stick to the plan. If I'm not here then, you know what to do right?" I asked.
"Affirmative. Be careful okay? Hang on, it'll be alright" she said as she wrapped her hands around me for a short hug of encouragement.
My legs felt weak as I struggled to get down the car with the bag filled with money and my dismembered phone.
It seemed like a scene in a movie where I had to be the puppet just because I needed to clean up the mess I got into.
I strode over to the church where I noticed a tinted black van with the name Blueseas Baby scribbled on it.
My heart rate tripled by it's beat as I drew closer to the van. You wouldn't even know if anyone was in it because of how it appeared to be.
Immediately I got to the driver's side, the glass slid down and a furious looking guy signaled for me to get in the back.
When the doors opened wide, two guys who I recognised to be the same guys that abducted Anne and the boys that night dragged me forcefully without pity and blindfolded me with a thick black material.
"No! No! Please don't hurt me! I have the money, please!" I cried but they didn't even care if I was hurting or not, they cared less if I was a lady. Let's face it, where have the victims abducted been cared for or unharmed?
The force of the material tied around my eyes caused my head to ache terribly as I kept crying silently.

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