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Saturday, 6 October 2018


It was hell.
My life was flashing brightly before my eyes and there was no one to save me. Not a single soul. All these months, I had been hidden, protected and cared for but this time, I became a fool to throw myself into the webs of the evil ones.
My plan wasn't to just give them the money. If it was going to take my life for all this shit to end then hell, I'm going to do it.
I can't keep living in abjectness. It's better to die than to put my loved ones in danger.
Soon the car came at rest and I heard the doors swing open. The next thing I knew, my whole body landed forcefully on the floor followed by a firm push behind me towards somewhere I was unable to see.
I couldn't cry anymore, I was already exhausted. My eyes felt like bags every second tears fell from them.
"Ah...I see you made it to Essex County Prison safely Gabby" a recognizable voice said tremulously.
"Well? What are you fools waiting for? Loosen her up!" He tauted.
Immediately, the cello tapes and blindfolds were taken off me. My eyes took a moment before they focused on someone.
Someone I never thought would hurt me. Not even in a dare.
"Surprised? I wouldn't be if I were you" he lifted his shoulder in a half shrug as he approached me.
"Milton..." I said huskily.
"In flesh and blood yes sweetheart. Don't worry, as long as you cooperate, you're safe here" he assured pushing me forward to move.
This wasn't happening. Milton? What the hell? How did I not see this coming? How did I get tangled in this spider web we call life?
"Why?" I started.
"So it was you all along? What wrong did I ever do to you? I never picked a fight with you...I did not for one day treat you impolitely..wh.."
He quickly clutched my face with his hand sending my bones down to hell. His hot breath heating up my skin and his eyes burning up with anger in them as he spoke harshly.
"One more word, Gabby! Just one word from you and you ain't gonna believe the next thing I'll do to you"
I nodded calmly causing his smile to broaden.
"Now that's the Gabby I know" he said thickly.
We finally arrived at the cafeteria in the prison where I saw no one but Anne seated calmly, looking unharmed and peaceful. Like, she wasn't even abducted.
Her hair perfectly brushed and parked into a pony tail. Her clothes? Completely different from the ones she had one when we last saw.
Now don't get me wrong, this lady mentioned she had no family in Wisteria Lane so who brought her the things she needed to look so groomed?
"Anne...where...w..where brothers?" I questioned as I sensed hot tears freshly falling down my eyes.
It couldn't be.
No, I don't want to believe it.
"Tell me!" I cried trying to break free from Milton's grip but that only made him pull me to himself.
"Alive, well and safe" she spoke clearly.
Something is definitely not right here. It is obvious. My brothers and Anne were abducted few weeks ago, I was told to bring 50 thousand dollars for their release and now...they're alive, well and safe
but not here?

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