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Wednesday, 10 October 2018


I couldn't believe this.
"You're... You're wrong Anne. He didn't kill him. He can't hurt a fly" I defended but my eyes and heart ached terribly.
"Listen bitch!" She banged the table again as she spoke.
"Luke is a murderer. He kills people. He gets rid of anyone and anything that gets in his way. That's his personality. Even you can't change it! Hell, that's why I love him. He can't change for anyone. Not even you"
Although my body was stable on the chair I sat in, my internal system suddenly shut down. It seemed like I was having a heart failure.
"You know the truth Gabrielle. He's not the man you thought he was. As a matter of fact, he's far from it" she paused to make a call.
In less than a minute one of the guys that dropped me off here earlier, came in with the bag pack filled with money.
His expression hardened as he nodded to Anne.
"Milton?" She asked looking dead at me.
"He has been taken care of" he responded deadly before leaving.
" killed him?!" I broke into tears.
"Not I, my workers. But yes, he's burning in hell now. You see dear Gabby, it's clear I'm a bad person. Now you know who Luke truly is, you can agree with me that we belong together. The 50 thousand dollars is for you to get out and never return. As for your parents, I told them you got a new job overseas and would make time for them to move over there. Your passport and everything you need to get away is in the bag" she instructed coldly.
"You expect me to just do all you've said? Like a puppet?" I said in a brittle way.
"I don't expect you to do shit. It's either that or..." She tossed the bag to me before pointing the gun at me.
"You'll kill me?" I chuckled.
We were interrupted by gunshots coming from outside and just as I was about to make a flinch, she cocked the gun.
"Sit your bloody ass down or I blow your head off!!" She snapped as she walked over to the other side of the door to check out what's happening.
"'s the cops!" She panicked.
"Pick the bag up right now and follow me"
"Anne..listen we can do this another way, just let me go please" I pleaded.
"You think I'll be a fool like you? No honey, get in! Right..n..."
In a twinkle of an eye, Quinn appeared to be in a fight with Anne.
How she got here was a complete mystery.
"Quinn what on earth are you doing here?!" I asked as I struggled to get off.
"Get off of me right now!"
"You ceramic bitch!"
It happened so fast that I didn't realise who the gun was fired at. I truly wished it had hit me in the head but no.
It was Quinn.
Anne quickly got off and took to her heels without looking back. I rushed over to help Quinn who was now struggling to breathe.
"Baby girl why did you have to come here? Why didn't you just call the cops and wait for me? Now you've been shot" I cried having to look at the gun wound in her stomach.
"There's no way I was gonna let you fight this fight alone. I..can't" she explained as tears found it's way round her eyes.
"Just hang on... Okay..I'll go look for help. The cops or something" I panicked as I added pressure to the wound to prevent her from bleeding to death.

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