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Friday, 12 October 2018


She shook her head in disapproval "It's no use, I don't think I'll...m..make it"
I placed my finger on her lips "don't say that Quinn, you'll make it alive. We'll get you out of here and take you to the hospital. You gotta stay strong for me, please. Think about Edwin. Think about me. You're my sister, what am I gonna do without you here?" I explained as I felt my heart try to leave me.
"You'll do...a lot. I've lived well. At least I'm not dying stupidly. Just make my fight worth it. I love you and as for Edwin..." She cried bitterly as she held my hand.
"Tell him he'll always be in my heart. Tell him that...some day, a loyal woman would find him and will never leave. Gabby take care okay?"
"Quinn..I beg you, don't...please just hang on, let me call for help! I can't bear to see you die!" I wept like a little child as I saw her turn pale.
"It's... Not..your fault. Don't ever blame yourself" she said before going permanently quiet.
It was like a movie.
Everything felt so unreal.
My best friend, my sister...the only trust worthy person I had in this world was gone and I watched her die in my arms.
I laid there beside Quinn's body, crying my eyes out and mumbling on how bad I would trade lives with her.
The cops found me there and decided to take the body away and question me.
"Don't take her away! She's not dead!!" I screamed fighting back.
"She's still there...I know it!" I fell to the ground weeping yet wishing it was all a dream, that by morning, I will wake up to the sound of her voice in the kitchen and everything would be fine.
"Ma'am please...take it easy" one of the cops said.
I turned to see the devil. The one who took me for a fool, who deceived me only to ruin my life!
He looked devastated and like a complete piece of shit!
"What happened?" Luke questioned as he walked to comfort me.
"Get away from me! You son of a bitch! You're a filthy liar! Hell, I can't even look at you!" I cried grabbing the money bag.
"To think that I trusted you so much to loose myself to you. I loved you but you just came into my life to end it with the excuse of protecting me!"
"Gabby what are you talking about? You know this was what Anne wanted and I tried to make you understand but all you did was your plan!" He defended himself.
That asshole...
"Yeah..Anne's the perpetrator, she wants to take over the world and what? You're the saint? Look me in the eye and tell me you didn't kill Travis!" I thundered.
I watched as his face went blank. He was trying so hard to fight his guilt but it was too late, he had it written all over him.
"Yeah...that's what I thought" I said turning to leave but was stopped and the next second, my hand found it's way on his face hardly.
"If you ever come up to an arms length close to me or my family, I will make sure you spend the rest of your life behind bars!" I said angrily before storming off leaving him in the pit he dug himself.
I picked a cab to Martin's place. I wasn't going to be a coward and run away just like Anne threatened. I'm going to stay here and guide my family no matter what. I can't loose another.
My bones and entire body felt numb as I had to walk down to the door. It's funny how in one day, you could either gain a lot or loose a lot. The colours around me seemed like they were gradually fading away.
My tear glands..dried and my brain couldn't seem to put together any more reasons I need to cry.
What was I going to do now?
How was I going to break the news to Edwin? Quinn's death.
Oh Quinn, I'm so sorry I dragged you into my mess. I'm sorry that I wasn't careful enough to read the signs. I don't even know what to do right now! Why did you have to come into the jail in the first place? How did you find me?
"I want to see Martin" I reported.
"Looking like this? Oh whatever, follow me"
Martin's man took me into his house where I was instructed to wait till he arrived.
"Ah..Carino, what may the matter be? Where's Quinn? Why do you look all bloody?" He questioned.
"Where do I even begin?" I asked in a sigh.
I wouldn't want to break down in tears in his presence. Did I even have the energy?
"Anywhere, we have time" he suggested giving his men a signal to help me.
"No..wait. I brought back your... your money. I'm grateful but it wasn't useful anymore" I informed turning to walk away.
"I don't think I'll sleep well letting a lady go out in such devastated state. Come, sit...tell me what went wrong"
But that's the problem with knowing, when you gain the knowledge, you can never unknow it. Then, after knowing...what do you do ?

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