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Sunday, 14 October 2018


Luke's P.O.V:
That was how I felt for the past six years without a doubt. I was no longer the man I was. As a matter of fact, I was a shadow of him. A faded memory.
Never has a day passed that I didn't regret my actions in the past. To Gabby, to her family and most importantly... To my dearest friend, Quinn.
I will never forget the last day I saw her. Bright as always but pretence was written all over her face. I could sense that all wasn't well and I expected Gabby knew why, I thought she would tell. Again, I was stupid to wait to be told that there was fire on the mountain when clearly, I perceived smoke.
Even after she called me at the eleventh hour, I could have advised her to wait. Not move into the lion's den. But, I told her to find out where they took her.
How senseless of you, Luke!
It should have been me. Not her, she didn't deserve to die like that.
No one believed it. That Quinn Adams was dead. It felt weird. felt so wrong. Edwin couldn't even eat for days. He deprived himself sleep for weeks. He was gradually falling apart. What would you expect from a man who just lost the love of his life to his friend's recklessness?
He found it so hard to move on, he had to relocate to Canada to start a new life, saying that every single thing in Wisteria Lane reminded him of Quinn.
I can't forgive myself for letting any of this happen. I'll never.
In just one day, I lost my lover and my best friend. How does one live with that?
Anne made up her mind to haunt Gabby down and turn herself in to the cops, threatening to take me down with her if I refused to take her back. Again..I, being as stupid and unthinkable as ever, decided to take her back.
Ever since then, everything has been a déjà vu. Reliving the past of her having to control my every move.
Don't get me wrong, if this is all it takes for her to stay away from Gabrielle then so be it. I've caused her so much pain and as it stands now, I wouldn't want to do more.
"Thinking your life through, sweetheart?" A sarcastic voice interrupted my thoughts.
I came to realization that I had been sitting on the dinning for hours sipping cold black coffee.
"It's a free world, Anne" I stated standing up to leave.
Every thing about this lady annoyed me in some way I couldn't even explain. Was it the fact that she made the police aim at Quinn instead of her? Or the fact that she's always playing games with everyone in her life?
"Oh I know honey, but you see...some of us have limited freedom" she added smiling sheepishly.
"Anyways I came here to remind you that Mr. Griffon's invitation to his ball arrived earlier so you need to order a suit, shave those unattractive hairs and look presentable to the public" she dictated as she handed the card to me.
"I'm sorry but I'm not sure I'll make it" I explained tossing the card away as I walked away.
"Lucas! Get back here!" She ordered but I'm guessing she knows I won't alter.
"It's Luke! Don't you ever call me that, are we clear?" I warned.
She wrapped a curl of her hair around her finger as she spoke "Oh stop been so uptight Lucas. That will always be your name no matter wherever in hell you go. You think changing your name means your personality changed too? No love, you are the same to me" she slurred.

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