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Tuesday, 16 October 2018


This is the thing with her, always acting like she knows someone so well that the possibility of them zero.
"And your point is?" I asked.
"That I love you and..."
"Save me the bloody nonsense Anne" I cursed shaking my head as I walked up the stairs. But this didn't stop her, instead..she followed me all the way up.
"I'm serious. I most certainly do. And I want to go to that ball with you. You know how much I've missed us. Our dance and now that things are finally stable, all I ask is a chance. That's all" she explained.
Although Anne was a devil in a dress, she had a sweet tongue. One that could bend a man to her will. And if peradventure, you appeared too strong for her...she does something extremely crazy just to get you to do what she wants.
And trust me, you wouldn't want to know what.
"After this. No more dates or whatever you excuse it to be" I concurred.
"Come on..who said it was a date? Oh well see you later boo boo bear" she said as she sashayed her way down the stairs.
A very fine classical way of grown ups playing pretend.
You get to buy expensive suits, shoes and little bow ties for the guys ; the ladies on the other hand buy mind blowing ball gowns just to look like royalties. Some even go as far as faking their accents to top the whole thing up.
You see everyone, mostly men bragging about their wealth and accomplishments in life just to set high ranks for themselves.
Classical nonsense if you ask me.
Sadly, that was the role we had to play today. Pretence.
Smile like everything's perfect in your life, surround yourself with people who know so little about you just so you could put up a good act.
"Good evening Mr Edison" I greeted in a formal way.
"Ah...Mr Levington so pleased to have you here again, with this fine wine beside you" he praised Anne who was too busy starring at nothing.
"She's..." I started to speak.
"His fiancée, I'm so happy to finally meet you, Sir." She cut me off.
Mr Edison looked rather dumb founded at the fact that she had such a sharp tongue.
"Likewise, dear. But Luke this wasn't the Lady I saw you with the last time. Sipping from different wines eyi?" He rejoiced.
A big thank you for bringing back the memories Mr. Edison.
"Oh that must be Gabrielle.. She left him" Anne shook her head pitifully.
I gave her the evil eye and said good bye to Mr Edison. Arguing about it in his presence would only cause havoc so I decided to let that slide.
Was I becoming scared of Anne? No.
Then what was it that I feared about her?
I feel she's not even aware of her demons and that I found intimidating.
On our way to our seat, memories of my relationship with Gabby started swimming into my head.
The first time we were out to a dinner party almost like this. Her ravishing red gown that showed her bare back, complimenting her birth mark at the center of her spine.
Her nervous smile each time I looked into her beautiful eyes. The most beautiful moment I've ever felt in my life.
I wouldn't lie, it was killing me. The absence of her tormented me terribly. I could remember how much I went over to her parents and begged them to tell me where she was but it seemed she already told them the truth about me because they didn't seem quite welcoming. Not even the kids.
But this didn't stop me, I kept going back even though they didn't accept me.. I did this until one day, I came and their neighbor informed me that they had moved out of the country.

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