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Thursday, 18 October 2018


For me, it was the end. That chapter was gone and burnt down forever.
"Boo boo bear..I'll be right back. I...have to check something out" Anne stammered.
Now, for some reason.. I don't think she's
checking something out. Why? Because she's Anne Buxton. That's why. She's not the kind of lady that checked things out rather, she manipulates things.
I waited till she left the ballroom so I could follow her to truly check whatever it was she was checking.
I didn't trust her words one bit.
It wasn't long till I saw her at the balcony with a woman who looked so bloody familiar.
Her behinds and height. Her posture and most importantly, the birthmark that she had. Just like... Gabrielle's.
The only difference was this lady had short hair.
It couldn't be Gabrielle right? She wouldn't be here. Not for a chance in hell. She couldn't have possibly cut her hair short because she loved them. To her, they were treasures she had to keep.
I wasn't going to keep my mouth shut and stand there like a fool, assuming nonsense so I did what any normal human would do.
"Gabby?" I muttered and immediately, the woman turned to me.
I could not believe my eyes. My heart leaped in joy. Not only that I was going to speak to her but then..that at least, she looked alright.
After all these years, Gabrielle Salvador was standing right in front of me, in flesh and blood.
My eyes travelled all over her body. She hasn't changed one bit. Still looked alluring as ever, had that Innocent look and...the ring on her finger.
"You're...engaged?" I asked hoarsely.
"Yes, I am" she said firmly with her nose stuck in the air.
Funny how the angels drew their trumpets down hearing her say that.
At this point, I didn't know how to feel. Whether hurt or betrayed. Or even worse because I felt it was nemesis.
"It's fine. At least your happy. I'm fine with that" I said so inaudibly that even I, found it hard to hear myself speak.
"What is this? A reunion for lost hearts? What are you doing here, Salvador?" Anne rebuked.
"Annabella Buxton, I have no fear for you anymore. As a matter of fact you are nothing" Gabby said but I could sense the fear in her voice.
For the love of God! This is a woman I spent my life trying to find!
"Oh is that so?"
"Anne.." I called.
"No, Luke! Stay the hell out of this!" She thundered with her blue icy eyes glaring at Gabrielle.
Caught in a love triangle eh?
"What more can you do to me? You murdered my best friend, ruined my life, took everything I had away from me. Well let me burst your bubble barbie, even after you kill me...I'll be waiting for you in hell" she spoke confidently but her eyes..shaking uncontrollably.
"Gabby, what did you just say? She killed who?" I asked now moving close to Gabby.
"This fake piece of garbage killed Quinn! She ended the life of one who tried to save me when you weren't truthful enough to!" She teared up as her eyes met mine.
I hated to see her cry, it broke me. But now, I was the one causing her cry and I didn't know what to do about it.
"It's not my fault she jumped on a loaded gun!" Anne defended.
"But you told me it was the cops who shot her! Anne, how on earth could you?" I asked angrily.
This whole thing was beginning to take a different turn.
Immediately, she brought a gun out of her purse and aimed at us.
Her hands, loosing balance as she spoke.
This lady had clearly gone mad.
"Don't you try to judge me Lukas! No, no, no! Don't you. You're as heartless as I am. Worse for you as a man! Because of her? Tell me, what does she have that I don't? What has she done for you that I haven't done more? I connected you to men in power! I made you unbeatable! I saved you when you should've died in that prison yard but how do you pay me? By labelling me as a worthless bitch!" She slurred at the top of her voice.
There we the balcony with a mad woman where no one could hear us.
"That's untrue! I loved you! I did. But that was it Anne, it's in the past. It can't ever be beyond that. The love I had for you can never be revived. You have to understand that and let go" I told her calmly as I tried to get in front of Gabby.
"No! I can't and I won't let go! If I can't have you! No one else will" she cried.
"How pathetic.. Seeing the devil cry. I always thought you lacked tear glands" Gabby spat.
What sort of hell have I gotten myself into?
"There's only one way to solve this" Anne groaned before firing the gun.
Little did she know that the bullets hit me instead of Gabby. I had pushed her away so I would get hit instead of her.
"No! You bitch!" I heard Gabby cry as she rushed in to hold me.
The pain unexplainable as my pain reflexes seemed like they were damaged.
My visions gradually getting clouded.
All the images before me lost its's colour and all I heard before loosing consciousness was my it echoed in my head.

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